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    Thumbs up Aspiration Hosting - LiteSpeed + Apache Powered & 24x7 Live Support - 25% OFF!

    [Premium Hosting Solutions] ASPIRATION HOSTING - LiteSpeed + Apache Powered - 25% OFF!

    Unleash the real potential of your website with Desire™ Premium Reseller Hosting and DesirePlus™ Premium Reseller Hosting Powered by LiteSpeed! Your site will be hosted in a Non-Oversold Environment with Quality Hardwares to ensure the speed and quality of your site is always at top notched condition. All our packages come with 99.9% Uptime Guarantee SLA, 24/7 Aspiration Support (Ticket & Live Chat) and also basic support for Magento Commerce as well as other scripts.

    All hosting packages also come with unlimited amount of features, for example Email Accounts, Subdomains, Parked Domains, Addon Domains, FTP Accounts, SQL Databases, etc.

    LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server. Our servers are configured in such a way where LiteSpeed is set up on the frontend while Apache is set up on the backend of the server. This will not only gives you the high-performance and high-scalability of LiteSpeed but also the reliability and compatibility of Apache.


    Aspiration Reseller Hosting Features:-

    • LiteSpeed + Apache Web Server
    • eAccelerator Support
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee SLA
    • 24x7 Aspiration Support (Ticket & Live Chat)
    • Basic Application/Scripts Support for Magento & Others
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • cPanel Hosting Control Panel (Demo)
    • PHP 4&5 / MySQL 5 Databases
    • Multiple Developer Extensions
    • Ruby on Rails Support
    • R1Soft CDP Offsite Daily & Rsync Weekly Backups
    • Installatron Application Installer (eCommerce / Forum / Blog)
    • Magento One-Click-Installer
    • suEXEC / Suhosin (Improved Security)

    LiteSpeed Main Features:-

    • Up to 9 times faster than Apache
    • PHP performance increases 50%
    • Anti-DDoS: Throttling & Connection Accounting
    • System overloading prevention
    • Zero down time graceful restart
    • Small memory footprint
    • Increase scalability of external web applications


    Desire™ Reseller Hosting Plans:-

    1024MB (1GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    20480MB (20GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    $ 9.99 per month / $107.89 per year
    Order Link

    2048MB (2GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    40960MB (40GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    $ 13.99 per month / $ 151.89 per year
    Order Link

    3072MB (3GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    61440MB (60GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    $ 17.99 per month / $ 195.89 per year
    Order Link

    4096MB (4GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    81920MB (80GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    $ 21.99 per month / $ 239.89 per year
    Order Link

    5120MB (5GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    10240MB (100GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    $ 25.99 per month / $ 283.89 per year
    Order Link


    DesirePlus™ Reseller Hosting Plans:-

    10240MB (10GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    102400MB (100GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    FREE ClientExec Billing System
    $ 35.99 per month / $ 388.89 per year
    Order Link

    15360MB (15GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    153600MB (150GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    FREE ClientExec Billing System
    $ 45.99 per month / $ 496.89 per year
    Order Link

    20480MB (20GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    204800MB (200GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    FREE ClientExec Billing System
    $ 55.99 per month / $ 604.89 per year
    Order Link

    25600MB (25GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    256000MB (250GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    FREE ClientExec Billing System
    $ 65.99 per month / $ 712.89 per year
    Order Link

    30720MB (30GB) SCSI/SAS Disk Space
    307200MB (300GB) Premium Bandwidth
    Unlimited Features
    FREE ClientExec Billing System
    $ 75.99 per month / $ 820.89 per year
    Order Link


    Aspiration Hosting Promotion Code

    Get 25% OFF for the first month with the coupon code WHT25OFF.


    Aspiration Hosting Servers and Network

    Aspiration Servers Minimum Specs:-

    • Quad/Dual Quad Core CPU Processors
    • 8GB/16GB ECC-R RAM
    • 10k/15k RPM SCSI/SAS Hard Drives (with RAID10)
    • Redundant Backup Powers
    • R1Soft CDP Offsite Daily Backups
    • Rsync Offsite Weekly Backups

    Our Datacenter: TelecomCenter, LA
    Our Bandwidth Provider: Mzima, Level 3, Uunet, Verio, Savvis and DTag


    Aspiration Hosting Latest Reviews:-

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiration Forum

    So far my experience with Aspiration Hosting has been stellar. I was searching for a solution for my magento and I am so happy I went with Aspiration. I shopped and looked at maybe 10 other hosting companies, some were just as fast as Aspiration, but I knew without service they were still second rate. A few others had great service, but the prices were a bit steeper with speeds that were slower. I did a few website speed pings of people who used aspiration and the competitors. Aspiration was faster and I heard about the service from James, the big boss who seemingly never sleeps and answers all your questions to completion.

    Beast service and speed go hand in hand,

    --"juliantai" (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Godlike speeds

    Good Support

    Nice people


    --julian tai (

    Quote Originally Posted by CheckWebHosting
    Very nice web host.I have only ben with them 2 month, they are the best web hosting company I have ever been with. Great host don't want to leave.

    --gregory (

    Quote Originally Posted by Magento Forums
    ...But, in answer to your question, I ended up at Aspiration Hosting and what a difference. They have been, hands down, the best hosting experience I have ever encountered. I am developing two e-commerce sites (both controlled from the same backend) using two of their inexpensive shared hosting accounts and it has been a breeze (knock on wood). In all honesty, both sites are much faster than they were over at SimpleHelix (as fast or faster than most demos I’ve seen elsewhere) and the price is much less. It is very rare that it takes more than two or three seconds for a page to load.

    Support tickets have usually been answered within ten minutes and always within no more than an hour. And the answers have been spot on accurate in dealing with whatever issue I have had. Both sites are very highly modified and using Installatron for “one-click” installations and upgrades (I’ve done three upgrades so far on each site) has gone smooth as silk with absolutely no problems (knock on wood again).

    I am not one to generally go around hawking someone else’s wares, but when a company is doing it right, I think people should know. I suppose it’s possible that others may have had a different experience with them, but I highly doubt it, and if so, I have not heard about it. These guys are good, extremely conscientious, and very inexpensive. I highly recommend them.

    --"Spheric" (Magento Forum)

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    GREAT SERVICE I recommend 100% they help you to create excellent ecommerce magento sites.

    --Luis Alberto Saulny Gorostieta (

    Quote Originally Posted by RatePoint
    GREAT SERVICE I have 2 accounts with them they help you a lot to create anything you need great price also.

    --Luis Alberto Saulny Gorostieta (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I have been with Aspiration Hosting for a couple of months now, and I think they are a top line host! All of my trouble tickets have been answered with in a few minutes, and which surprised me, because they didn't even pertain to Aspiration Hosting service they were for third party scripts, so support is AWESOME! I have not had a single second of downtime since I have been with Aspiration, my site loads nice and fast, which shows me that Aspiration has some very nice fast and stable servers! Thanks Aspiration Hosting, I plan on being with you indefinitely at this point.

    --Kevin S (

    Quote Originally Posted by CheckWebHosting
    Thanks to James from Aspiration, very happy about their support response. We had recently issue with SSL and this guy resolved issued within few responses.
    I will recommend Aspiration hosting with 5 stars.

    Naseer Ahmad

    --Naseer Ahmad (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I have been using Aspiration Hosting for 4 months now and have nothing but praise for the professional service they conduct. I am more than happy with their reliability, support and cost (even with converting to the Au dollar). In particular, their support has been excellent, I have submitted several tickets, each of which has been answered and resolved in 20 minutes or less.

    I initially signed up because Aspiration Hosting supported Magento which they installed for me quickly and smoothly.

    I have already recommended them to friends.

    --Linda Djumlija (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Over 3 months use, and I am extremely happy with them. I am on the shared plan, and I got a testing ecommerce site using magento. The speed is average, and I did not experice any down time. In fact AH once notified me about a server down time and proposed credit, but I did not realize it until days later, so I missed the allowed hours to utilize the credit. I think it is nothing important and appreciate their notification, which proves their honesty in business. I think there are few reasons that probably make me continue to stay with them in a fairly long time. 1. unlimited features for limited budget, with decent storage & bandwidth, which is extremely favorable if you are newbie to magento or you have multiple projects to test; 2. really serious and helpful support that never kicks the ball around; 3. fairly reliable installer will save you tons of time & puzzles if you want to use magento( BTW I want to say you MUST always create backup of magento DB in the admin panel along with full magento file structure because I once experienced failure to restore DB dump created with its installer backup tool).

    --scyllar (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I have been with Aspiration Hosting for almost 5 months and couldn't be happier. Excellent support and very fast servers.

    This is one host that I would not hesitate to recommend, and have done so!

    --Teri Brown (

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiration Forum
    I just recently joined AH and so far my experience has been outstanding. I've had a couple of issues with domain transfers, email set-up etc, etc. but they were all handled very efficiently and promptly. Frankly, this has been the best customer service I've ever had from a host - bar none! Thanks James. It makes me feel comfortable with my choice of host and I am looking forward to a long and successful relationship.

    --"jpvn" (

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiration Forum
    I had many different choices when searching for a web host, for this particular project. Many of which i almost signed up with, while some i disregarded right away. After a long search and a few decisions i signed up with Aspiration Host. I read a few reviews about them which had told me a bit of the information i needed to know.

    Before signing up i asked many questions which were answered within a quick time frame by James. Each answer was precise and gave me the information i needed.

    The sign up process was easy and quite quick and i had received confirmation of my payment right away.

    After signing up i began setting everything up, though ran into a problem concerning my domain. The error was not on Aspiration Host's side of the ball it was my internet service provider problem. During that time i was given help and advice on what i could do in the mean time as well as trying to fix the problem.

    During my time with Aspiration Host so far, i have sent in many support tickets which were always answered within an hour or 2, some withing a few minutes, which i do believe is quite an achievement, especially from a company that is still small and may not have the employee size to answer questions right away.

    The Aspiration Host community and company in whole, is very friendly. They are not a company that keep going just for the money, they seem to enjoy their job and enjoy helping others.

    I highly recommend Aspiration Host as the company next time you need a reliable host.

    I hope my future with Aspiration Host is a good one.

    - Jye Parrington

    --"Jye" (

    Quote Originally Posted by Magento Forums
    I have been using Aspiration Hosting for a few months for my Magento site and it works quite well. Support is one of the best, James goes above and beyond. I don’t see how you could go wrong.

    --"cntbill" (Magento Forum)

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I've only been using Aspiration Hosting for a couple of weeks, but so far it's been very good. The support is phenomenal. The owner has responded to my questions himself most of the time, and always in a very timely and polite manner. Have had no downtime yet, and the speed is very impressive for shared hosting.

    --Aaron (

    Quote Originally Posted by WebMaster Forum
    I read your post at the time I needed to leave my existing host because of poor support. Technical support is important to me. Especially I need to be responded to within 12 hours. I had no idea which other host would be good and have only tried NZWEBIT.
    I had to leave as they would not answer help desk tickets in 7 days!
    I noticed the response from Asiration Hosting on this thread and have moved there. I have a way better account with unlimited subdomains - something I didn't have before. They responded to all my requests real fast. Within 3 minutes sometimes. 20 minutes at other times. The first Help Ticket I was entering guessed my question and provided a solution before I sent the ticket. I have never had an answer to this problem from my former Host. So I'm real impressed with Aspiratiom. I've only been with them a few weeks yet I'm very pleased with their service, price, support and they seem to be reliable.
    They are at

    --"motorcycleclub" (

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiration Forum
    After a lot of tryouts at my old hosting party i decided to go to Aspiration Hosting.
    The Hosting works fast.
    I had 2x a problem caused by myself.
    They have fixed them for me both within a few hours.

    Now I've Upgraded my account to install more shops.

    Thank You Very much for the GREAT and FAST SERVICE.

    --"GeraldSweers" (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Now in days nothing beats excelente support. Its been only a few weeks since I moved from my old host because the poor support and I'm very happy si fare. Also its a big plus that the guys there know Magento and their servers compatibility is great, also fine speed. David

    --David Grunblatt (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Good and perfect hosting for magento. Fine speed and support.

    --Victor (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    If you are looking for a Magento commerce host, Look No Further. Aspiration Hosting is the best I have found for Magento with excellent speed and prompt support.

    James L went out of his way for a few hours getting a Magento bug workaround solution working for me. Most host would just tell you it's not our software or the like.

    Keep up the great work James :-)

    Now if they would only support a .Net site ;-)

    --Bill Burkhardt (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I really like this host, they are fast have good support and beyond expectation they changed some php.ini settings so my scripts would work.

    They provide good backup options even for your sql databases.

    Fast ftp access and good pricing plus 24 hour support.

    I can highly recommend this host.

    --Bjorn Heg (

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiration Forum
    My new site here always loads fast, this is a great Web Host.

    --"leemartin" (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Aspiration hosting is the best Magento and hosting I have ever tried in 12 years of developing software, they have a team that really want to help you and create good business relationships... I like the service and the support.!!

    --Luis Alberto Saulny Gorostieta (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Magento is poorly supported from its community, and I sign up for AH partly because I hope I can get support when in trouble. Now I really like this new hosting company.

    Had two tickets with them and the support is good. James himself often takes care of the support ticket.

    Price is reasonable for me, and I look good on their upgrade options, like dedicated IP, SSL as well as more space and bandwidth @ reasonable price. Growing business will allow more flexibility in budget, but the key is painless upgrade.

    Keep up the good job!

    --Scyllar (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Sorry, so far I have nothing bad to say about this host, I got the host because I wanted a Magento Partner Host, and I have been fantasically impressed.

    --David Hatch (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I am relatively new to this but have worked with a couple of hosts prior. I decided I want to try Magento for a shopping cart and had trouble with two other providers before i found Aspiration. They were great in getting in installed for me and even helped with questions I had while setting it up. I am still in the process of setting up my content but it is working great.

    I really appreciated the help.


    --Brian McCormack (

    Quote Originally Posted by Whirpool Broadband Forum (AUS)
    "Check out Aspiration Hosting. The support you get on even the lowest $5/month plan is incredible! (will be all you need too) I am not affiliated, just 1 happy customer. :-)"

    --"william77" (

    "If you just want good cheap shared linux based web hosting then I would highly recommend Aspiration Hosting. For about $55 US/yr you get 1GB of storage and unlimited domains, email accounts, etc.. and the hosting is fast! Plus the level of support is amazing.. eg. I needed them to recompile php to add web services support and they did it in under 8 hours!

    I have no affiliation with them, just a happy customer. :-)

    PS: see the speed of my sites (not finished btw) running on Drupal"

    --"william77" (

    Quote Originally Posted by Joomla Forum
    I recently implemented a Magento site. It is not quite ready for business yet but I am getting close. You can view it here I was able to install & configure it without the help of the expensive commercial support packages they sell even though my technical & php skills are somewhat limited. I had a big problem with processing & page load time on a shared GoDaddy Deluxe hosting account that works just fine for several of my Joomla sites. Apparently Magento is a bit of a resource hog. It was sooo sloooow it was very painful. I shopped around & tried the cheapest shared hosting account offered by & my Magento site is fast as lightning! Aspiration Hosting supports Magento and has very good customer support.

    --"yaanimai" (

    Quote Originally Posted by WebHostingTalk
    Well,I need to mention during my search of a new host the most informative live chat representative was Dominic M. from Aspiration Hosting. I find their first month discount policy no good of use though they were so polite and very responsive and even though I asked so many questions (I'm a newbie) they (Dominic M.) kept up with me and answered all my questions with the same polite way. I recommend them to everyone esspecially for Magento. Thank you all and I would like to hear your experiences with them as well.

    --"Cekom" (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    My poor English did not permit to explain their quality. Have 2 months I hosting my Magento Store and very happy with their support and quality.

    --Luiz Amaral (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Very reasonable pricing.

    I had a shared hosting account with one of the major web hosting companies. It was fine for several Joomla sites I have. I started using Magento which is a bit of a resource hog. The page load time was absolutely terrible. I had to switch hosting companies.

    I thought I would give Aspiration Hosting a try. You should visit my site! It has extremely fast page load time. I am so happy with it. It is a joy to work on now I don't have to wait forever for the server to accept the changes I submit.

    Thanks Aspiration Hosting!

    --Yaani-Mai Gaddy (

    Quote Originally Posted by Aspiration Forum
    I just want to say I love my new shared hosting account with Aspiration Hosting!

    I had a customer's Magento site hosted on a GoDaddy shared hosting account. The load time of the pages was extremely slow. It was impossible to work on the site, it was so slow. There was no way we could go live with that kind of performance/page load time.

    After some shopping around I thought I would try Aspiration Hosting. I made the right decision. My Magento sight is lightning fast now! It is now a joy to work on with this huge improvement in response time. I can't believe the difference. I wish I had switched a couple of weeks ago when I first started developing the site.

    You can visit my store here It is not finished yet but I am getting pretty close.

    Thanks Aspiration Hosting!

    --"yanni" (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I have been dealing with many hosting companies and these guys are good. They respond time is instant.

    Furthermore, their price compared to what they are giving is perhaps the cheapest among all.

    --Justin (

    Quote Originally Posted by Magento Forums
    Bonjour, I would like to share my experience on my lastest webhost for Magento. I was with ASPIRATION HOSTING and was very pleased with them.

    I find it was much faster than other shared hosting I have tried previously. For my need, the basic plan at 4.99 (1 GB) was enough, but they have larger space plans too.

    Four other important points for me :
    1) They have monthly payable subscriptions which for trying out is very useful
    2) Also, since I am technically impaired grin, They installed Magento at no extra cost. (I had to pay 40 Euros with another company (Netaxo)
    3) Customer service: it was fast & efficient communication.
    4) The admin interface to manage your account is user friendly,

    Finally, if for any reason you need to terminate your account (I had to terminate mine, because I chose to not use Magento no more), they will answer you fast, no fuss and will refund rapidly the portion not used.

    So… All that being said, I recommend them greatly.


    --bijoulune (Magento Forum)

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I was shocked to have a Magento store installed (perfectly) within 24 hours. I was kept up-to-date via email of the progress. I'm sold on Aspiration !

    --Scott Collingwood (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    Amazing, in less than 24 hours I had a fully functioning website for my client. The support and response time was within minutes.. Why do it yourself when you have Aspiration as a trusted partner

    --BernieD (

    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleMachines
    It's been about 2 months now I think with aspiration. I still haven't had ANY problems with anything. The server seems very reliable. I'm running 3 domains on one account - they all load quickly, have had no downtime and were easy for me to transfer there using cpanel.
    One is a small SMF forum with a few mods.
    One is a very graphics heavy website.
    And the third is a wordpress blog.

    --immaturity (SimpleMachines.Org)

    I am relatively new to Aspiration Hosting, but their service and reliability thus far has been superb!

    --Jared Lindo
    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I would like recommend Aspiration web hosting They provide great customer support and almost real time I have no doubt this web host is the best I've ever had...

    --David Moon (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    I like most about this hosting company is that they provide near instant support. Whenever I have any difficulties they will support me with all their effort. The pricing is also very reasonable. Keep it up!

    --Bill Low (

    Quote Originally Posted by HostJury
    The best ever hosting service I have got!

    --Sylesh (

    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleMachines
    I moved 3 of my sites to them a few weeks ago. They don't move websites from another host for you, but since my old host had cPanel and Aspiration has cPanel it was an extremely painless move to do myself. They also answer support tickets very fast and JLHC (username here at smf) seems very eager to help. I think if I had run into a problem moving my sites I would have gotten help. My sites were up and running fast and I haven't had one single problem so far.

    I'll let you know if things stay this good, but for now I am extremely happy with the service.

    --"immaturity" (SimpleMachines.Org)

    Quote Originally Posted by RatePoint
    I have very positive experience with this hosting company.

    They provide real 24/7 support with prompt replies and solution oriented approach.

    The price is very competitive and the service quality is impressive for me.

    My site is not on production phase yet therefore I can't tell anything about performance issues, currently I'm satisfied.

    The hosting plans designed for scalability, if your business needs to grow you'll find the right plan for you.

    --Sandor Borcsok (

    Quote Originally Posted by AdminsCorner
    They don't move sites for you, but I used the backup wizard in cPanel with no problems at all. It even saved my CHMOD settings, which is fabulous. They also give SHELL access by the looks of the cPanel, but I didn't test it.

    About 2 days after moving to them, they upgraded the server. Unlike what happened at TPH, this upgrade didn't knock my site out at all - it just made my cPanel time-out when I tried to do anything for a few hours.

    I have 3 sites on there now. All moved fine and work fine.

    --Candice Stutzman (
    Read MORE Reviews HERE!


    Aspiration Hosting Recommends


    We will certainly fulfill all of your aspirations. Give us a try and we guarantee that you will never look back!

    If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
    Aspiration Hosting [US UK SG AU] - Cloud Web Hosting | Managed Cloud Server
    LiteMage / LiteSpeed Cache for Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & XenForo

    Web Development Support Unmetered Bandwidth Aspiration CDN Magento Optimized

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Do you have a money back guarantee?
    Yes we do. Aspiration Hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee which is mentioned in our Terms Of Service. Within 30 days, you can request a full refund for your hosting package if you choose to cancel. The refund is processed within 72 hours. Customers paying yearly are also covered by the 30 day money back guarantee. If you cancel within 30 days of account set up, the entire amount will be refunded.
    You will not be entitled for the money back guarantee if you signed up using one of our promotional codes.

    2. Do you have an uptime guarantee?
    Yes we do. We are confident that our services are reliable. That is why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee SLA.

    3. How long does it take to setup my account?
    All shared hosting accounts are set up after full payments is received.

    4. What methods do you accept for payment?
    Currently we accept payments by Credit Card, PayPal and AlertPay.

    5. Are you a reseller?
    No, we're not a reseller, we have root access to and manage our own servers. Our servers are also branded with our hostname/domain name.

    6. Is there a minimum time contract/commitment required?
    You may choose your terms at sign-up. No contracts are required. You may cancel at anytime, there are no cancellation fees.

    7. Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?
    Yes, you can upgrade at any time by submitting a ticket to our Billing department. It is free to upgrade and the only charge would be the price difference in the plan you upgrade to.

    8. What happens if I exceed my allocated bandwidth?
    You will receive an automatic e-mail message warning you that you have reached 80% of your contracted limit. This should give you plenty of time to contact us and purchase more bandwidth.
    Once you have exceeded your limit, your account will be suspended for the rest of the current month. You can upgrade to a higher plan by paying the differences and your account will be unsuspended automatically.

    9. What if my site breaks your Terms of Use?
    Users' sites may be suspended for violations of policy, or if extreme, or second time offenders, sites may be cancelled. Each occurrence is dealt with on a case by case basis, and we try to work things out with every client.

    10. Can you host an adult site?
    We do NOT host pornography/adult/XXX websites that contain galleries or video media files with the exception of softcore erotic art. Any content or links to pornography/adult/XXX sites will lead to your account being terminated.

    11. Can I have Warez, Appz and or Serialz on my website?
    No, if we find them in your directory or links to them, your entire account will be subject to termination.

    12. Will you place any ads on my site?
    Not at all. We do not place any advertisements on your site whatsoever. No banners, no annoying pop-ups, nothing.

    13. Do you allow sites to advertise for money, on their web site?
    Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements.

    14. Do you make offsite daily and weekly backups?
    Yes we do. We treat your valuable data seriously. As such we have R1Soft CDP daily and Rsync weekly backup systems which backups your site data to offsite locations (for our own use and disaster recovery). Customers are encouraged to make your own backups as well.

    15. Is your server suEXEC enabled?
    Yes, all our servers are suEXEC enabled, which provides better security and saves a lot of hassle for scripts issues. With suEXEC enabled file permissions are set to 644 and directories to 755. 666 and 777 is a security risk and is not needed.

    16. Do you offer SSH access?
    Yes, we offer Jailed SSH access. However, you will need to provide relevant documents for verification purposes.

    17. Will I be able to check my emails when I am away from my home/office computer?
    Yes, we provide all our customers with their own Webmail access. What this means is that you can log on to the internet (to the address we will give you once you sign up) and check your mail from any computer that has internet access.

    18. Will I have unlimited access to update my pages?
    You have unlimited access via FTP or FrontPage 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your Web pages on your own computer and upload files to your Web site at your leisure.

    19. What web hosting control panel do you use?
    We use the industry leading control panel, cPanel and WebHostManager (WHM) which provides simple user interface with multi functionality.

    20. Are your servers compatible with Magento Commerce?
    Yes, our servers are not only fully compatible with Magento but are also optimized for it. You will only experience fast speed and page load which cannot be achieved by other web hosting providers.
    We also have a One-Click-Installer for Magento and provides Magento basic support.
    Aspiration Hosting [US UK SG AU] - Cloud Web Hosting | Managed Cloud Server
    LiteMage / LiteSpeed Cache for Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & XenForo

    Web Development Support Unmetered Bandwidth Aspiration CDN Magento Optimized

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