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    Seasonal website question

    Will be expanding a second business to the web, however, the website will only be active for about 4-5 months a year.

    I received a "free" website with my latest upgrade of Quickbooks Pro, in which I get to pick one of a number of canned webpages and one month free hosting through Homestead - after which it is $4.99/mo.

    My original plan was to have a simple site created and then hosted at Hostgator or the like.

    Has anybody dealt with Quickbooks/Intuit before - good/bad?


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    Do you have a preference on location, or have an idea of how much disk space or bandwidth you will be using? Also if it is your business and you truly want a web presence eventually, I would strongly recommend you either invest in a professional layout or better yet, make one in house.

    Or I may just not be understanding your request properly!
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    Why not just find a regular free hosting provider and install a wordpress blog? Some will even have an auto-installer for you to do it with a mouse click.

    what is your website about? how do you know it is truly a seasonal website? Just because the season is 5 months out of the year, doesn't mean people aren't still searching for your terms during the off season.

    You can find out for real using the Google Insights tool-

    Just type in the keywords related to your website and adjust the range to 2004-present. This will show you when and how much search traffic occurs during any month of the year.

    Now that you determine how much traffic you can get on your off season, do you really want to leave your site on a free host?
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    Appreciate the replies...

    InJust / brock1: preference on location and very minimal bandwidth. Mainly looking for something simple and easy to set up. My other business was done top-shelf and the quote I got to set up this one was more than I want to invest at this time. If I decide to expand it then I will get it done properly, but for now I want to give a crack at it myself. I got lost in all the options out there and the QuickBooks looked easy.

    The main reason not to go first class is it will only be a convenience item for existing members of a private wholesale fireworks buying "club" I own. All ordering and info is passed via email and snail mail right now. People were asking for a site to visit for updates, order forms, etc. If this site were to be utilized a lot the next logical set would be pursue a full blown site with Ecommerce, etc - but I don't know if I want it to get that big.

    The seasonal tag is due to state law that regulates when and how the fireworks can be bought which is basically only 30 days a year total. So I will basically put the site under construction when not within the proper time frames.

    As for the wordpress blog...I'm not a blogger - I've tried but emails and texting is about as far as I want to go.

    Will appreciate any and all additional suggestions on a simple website set up


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    Quote Originally Posted by TEKAIR View Post
    in which I get to pick one of a number of canned webpages and one month free hosting through Homestead - after which it is $4.99/mo.

    My original plan was to have a simple site created and then hosted at Hostgator or the like.
    You probably won't be able to take your "canned webpages" with you to another web host.

    Depending on how complex your website is, I would just use a free template and go directly with or another reputable web host. offers "pay as you go" web hosting. However with cPanel is probably easier for a beginner.
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    I have used Quickbooks extensively, however, I have not used their web component. Is this a new option in the newer versions of QB?

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    The "free" website was "included" when I upgraded to QB 2009

    The reason I looked at it was that if I need to incorporate an Ecommerce gateway, etc., I can elect to have QB import all the transactions and keep the books updated on the fly with the Intuit/Homestead service. It may cost a little more but I was looking for convenience....

    Appreciate all the assistance

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    I suppose you need to understand how much you need (It seems you do not) and then do the search according that. Then once you find several web hosters you will do the seach for their reviews
    You are sticky to the one (few) xompanies and not because of what they offer but because of their names

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