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    Game Server / Business SMF Custom Themes

    SMF Custom Themes

    If you have a SMF - Simple Machines Forum and need it to look like your main web site then we can do this for you, see here.

    Maybe you are part of a Game Server and have your own Guild or Clan and need your colors rendered into your SMF
    Theme - we can do this too.

    Check some of the Themes we have fulfilled for clients as well as our SMF Theme FAQ on THIS PAGE.

    This may also be known to some as a Template or Skin.

    Yes, we can also do modifications and codes as necessary.

    We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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    what boards do you work on?

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    Not sure I understand the question, are you asking which version of SMF? If so, 1.1.10 and earlier or 2+.

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