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    sugarcrm and vtiger,do you recommend which one ?


    im looking for crm software,

    i find many people use those two,

    but i find many comparison were wrote years ago,

    not with the new version of them,

    for your experience now,

    do you recommend one?


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    I was using vtiger but actually just switched to sugarCRM. I liked them both, but there was more development and add-ons for sugar so I chose that. I intalled it directly on a cpanel server.

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    I prefer vtiger.
    please let me know . who can use vtiger or sugar CRM on hosting ?
    can install for use ?

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    Have a look on the below link after googling I have found the good differentiation between this two,
    hope this will help you to decide which one is best for you.
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    IMO Sugar is the 800 pound gorilla and it shows with all of the addons that vtiger is lacking. I have used both and I prefer the sugar interface. I know that some people say that vtiger is a little lighter on resources and runs a little quicker but it just isn't as polished as sugar.
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