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    Any alternative to mailman?

    Hi All,

    I run small mailing list on my site. 10-15 ppl. If I enable mailman in CPanel it runs 8 processes and each is 10meg or so. Granted that I only have 512mb on my vps that's quite a bit.

    Anything with smaller memory footprint? I used to use majordomo long ago, but AFAIK it's no longer maintained, and last version is from 2001 I think...

    I did try to reduce mailman memory footprint, but the only things that i was able to dig up were:

    Which had no effect on the number of running processes. What I found on the web doesn't sound very promising either, several people suggest there is no way to reduce process number.

    So, does anyone know how to reduce process number?

    Or suggest something less demanding?

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    If the list is small, cPanel forwarders will take multiple targets separated by commas.

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    If you want the convenience of a script for subscriptions and unsubscribing and bounces and such, give PHPlist a look.
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    Thanks. I've looked at phplist and as far as I can tell it's not mailing list per se, i.e. posting isn't done through email.

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