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    3D Advertising , the newest idea out there!

    Are you bored with the old fashion banners that no one is clicking them?
    Is your advertising campaign wasting all your funds?
    You are not getting enough visitors on your website, and you would like a better exposure of your company on internet.
    Are you looking for a NEW way to advertise your website and cheaper at the same time?

    If at least one of the statement is true then you are lucky because 3D Advertising has just came out in a unique format, never seen before.

    The website provides you the possibility of posting a desired image/logo on a representative location on 3D Earth! Location is everything when it comes to business , so you can't miss this opportunity of owning any place on earth!
    Besides this unique format, there is no cheaper way of advertising your company/website than this, payment is made only once, and the ad will remain there for at least 5 years.

    Act now and buy your own country starting from 125 Euros and become the customer of a big potential advertising project.

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    Any real world examples of this being used?

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    I believe the advertising is actually on the 3D Earth. It is a similar concept to million dollar homepage and all the other ideas that came shortly after which unfortunatly failed to take off.

    So, can you tell me how your advertising is worth 125 Euros? What sort of traffic are you getting?

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    The website currently receives traffic from search engines, it is ranked top 15 on bing and google for 2 important keywords like "3d earth" and "a place on earth". I am working on ranking top 5 even.

    Besides that,I advertised it on few blogs (as a review) that brought me few thousand unique visitors. I am aware of lack of new content on my website, but just yesterday I launched the blog.

    The website will receive more improvements, I am even trying to develop it as an application and unlike all other copycats you are talking about, this idea will not be left behind. You have to admit that this kind of project has not been done before.

    For 125Euros you will get at least 5 years of thousands of impressions/month and better CTR than any other way of advertise. It is a small fee considering that Yahoo web directory registration costs 300 USD, or the number of visitors that u can get with 125Euros/month from google adwords.
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