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    Using my pc as a server....questions

    Good morning everyone, although i'm from the uk, i'm currently living in a small town in Serbia, where services are extremely difficult to obtain. Some of the problems are related to my isp, some with banking facilities (i.e you're not allowed to use paypal or similar accounts from here)and others are due to hosting companies being rather reluctant or over protective about renting web space to anyone from this area. So i'm looking at the possibility of using my own PC. I installed xxamp and a few other things but i'm not happy with it, i want to do this on a unix based OS.
    However, i have no idea how to do this. First, i need to know if i can set up a unix based OS on my D drive, and if the server will function whilst i'm using C:?
    Second, i need to know how easy it to install a unix based OS, and can anyone reccommend the easiest system to install and perhaps some tutorials?
    What i want to end up with is php, mysql, apache server (or??)and net2ftp.
    Various other things i will install later.
    My biggest confusion, even with xxamp is in understanding paths? I mean where should i put it all and what is the correct structure? (ok i know it may sound ignorant but if for example i install php, how does apache know php is installed? Meaning how do each of these programmes communicate with each other) I'm totally knew to this, but in despair at finding any other solution. Some hints, tips, advice would be appreciated to help me understand what lies ahead of me! Thanks.

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    First. If you are unable to use paypal why don't you want to use CC for the payments and have the server in the US or Canada?
    Second. As for the tutorials. I suppose there are alot of forums for the linux newbies and there you will be able to ask or specify
    Third The bandwidth issues. How do you think your ISP will allow you to have such traffic?

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    You should look into virtualization software if you want to run both windows and linux at the same time.

    If you use the standard installation wizard it should make it pretty easy to install apache, mysql, php etc. If you can get a virtual linux machine you should be able to set up CentOS pretty easily with much of the software just by checking some boxes.
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    Thanks Larry i'll look into that.
    Cyberforum: The bandwidth problem is just one of the issues i have to work around but my isp has assured me they can sort something out. As for cc payments, this can be done but even a small payment carries an extra charge of 25 euros. Besides that, i have had a vps from the US, it was supposed to be unmanaged, but within days they were restricting everything i could do. I couldn't use the nameserver, i had to get email via google, they shut down hypervm and more...basically my sites are quite clean, decent, honest, just harmless fun forums or portals, so there was no reason, but i get this all the time with services outside of this country. I didn't really want to go into details in the intro but really i am reduced to having to do it myself. Hosting my sites through a local isp is not a good idea either, you need to understand that i'm a foreigner in a small village where everything i do is watched very closely, i know these things won't seem real or make much sense unless you actually lived here but i have already been warned (unofficially) to be very careful about what i'm doing on the net because everything i do is transparrent. The last thing i want is my sites on their servers!

    ps.CYBERFORUM: Just thinking again what you said about bandwidth because this was discussed with my isp and to be honest i cannot remember what the outcome was. How would these issues normally be dealt with, meaning how do others run a server from home?
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    Well, a couple things.
    You can install LAMP or WAMP which is an installer for apache, mysql, php that does everything automatically (lamp is linux, wamp is windows).
    All you have to do is run the installer and it sets it up.
    In the documentation there should be clear instructions on where to put your html documents as well.

    Second thing is you would want a static IP. And then point a domain to that ip.
    If you have dynamic IP you can use a service like

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    Hello coax

    Thanks for that, i have sorted out the ip and i'm going to look at lamp now. Much appreciated, thanks.

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