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    ConceptLane's 9th Anniversary OpenVZ Promotion

    In anticipation of our 9th anniversary on 21 Sep, ConceptLane Pte Ltd is running a promotion until end Sep, providing a free DirectAdmin license for as long as you keep your VPS with us!

    To enjoy this promotion, simply:
    - take up a VPS with minimum VZ4 package
    - prepay every 6 months
    and you will get a free DirectAdmin license for use with the VPS as long as you continue the VPS!

    Promotion ends 30 Sep!

    Host Server
    Processors: Dual AMD Opteron 275
    Memory: 14GB Registered ECC RAM
    Storage: 4 x Seagate SATA2 32MB HDDs in RAID 10
    Host OS: Ubuntu LTS 8.04.3 Server Edition
    5Mbps shared international bandwidth
    Upstreams: StarHub and NTT

    Summary of Eligible VPS Plans
    VZ4: 1GB RAM, 20GB HDD, 16 CPU units, S$40.00
    VZ5: 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD, 32 CPU units, S$60.00
    VZ6: 4GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 64 CPU units, S$120.00

    Testfile Download:

    * SG customers will be subject to GST.
    * Interested parties, as we are based in Singapore, please conduct your own traceroutes to ensure that you are satisfied with the routing and overall latency. We have fairly good routes and latencies to most countries in Asia.
    * If you're wondering what's the deal with the minuscule amount of bandwidth available, you are probably not aware that bandwidth in this region is cut-throat.

    For full details, as well as our other VPS plans, please refer to here.

    Interested parties wishing to trial the VPS may drop me a PM to arrange/discuss.
    Roy Lee
    ConceptLane Pte Ltd
    Singapore Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps

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    Do note that prices indicated are in S$.
    In US$, they are approximately (depending on prevailing exchange rates) indicated below.
    Also minor corrections to the diskspace allocated, as below.

    VZ4: 1GB RAM, 30GB HDD, 16 CPU units, S$40.00 ~= US$27.97
    VZ5: 2GB RAM, 60GB HDD, 32 CPU units, S$60.00 ~= US$41.96
    VZ6: 4GB RAM, 150GB HDD, 64 CPU units, S$120.00 ~= US$83.92

    Our only other smaller plan is VZ3, without free DirectAdmin:
    VZ4: 512MB RAM, 15GB HDD, 8 CPU units, S$25.00 ~= US$17.48
    Roy Lee
    ConceptLane Pte Ltd
    Singapore Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps

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    Just to clarify that the RAM allocation indicated for these OpenVZ plans would be 50% dedicated and 50% burst or 100% dedicated? If the latter, how much burst RAM?

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    Thanks for your interest. Do allow us to explain.

    Unless we really misunderstood something, OpenVZ by itself does not have a notion of burst RAM. OpenVZ looks at memory as an entity, made up of physical RAM and swap space. So in the VPS, e.g. VZ4, you will see 1GB of memory available to you. Nothing more nothing less. Use up to 1GB and you'll start encountering out of memory errors.

    If you're concerned about the server performing memory swapping, please do not be.
    snapshot of "free" command on server:
     02:54:31 up 3 days,  2:44,  3 users,  load average: 0.62, 0.84, 1.04
                 total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
    Mem:      13854708   13581712     272996          0    1030324    9035504
    -/+ buffers/cache:    3515884   10338824
    Swap:     31350712      48880   31301832
    10GB of free buffers as reported by the kernel. Actual allocation is around 6GB. Which leaves us with 8GB spare to allocate to new VPSes.

    As of now, the number of VPSes on the server is way below 100% physical RAM usage, and even though we factor in a hypothetical 50% swap space allocation (by halving privvmpages into oomguarpages), we are not going to go all the way out to "maximise" the node, because by then, disk throughput would most likely become the bottleneck. Plan is to utilise 100% allocation of memory (e.g. 14 VZ4s) even if the actual usage is less; but we may squeeze in one or two more depending on the actual load.

    Only 3 days of uptime? That's because we had to reboot the server after inadvertently causing the network to lock up while in the process of IP subnet migration (and having 2 public-facing subnets active at the same time). Before this reboot, the uptime stood at 80 days (of which a reboot was necessary due to a kernel upgrade).

    Just to add on, we are not using any of the open-source/commercial control panels. It is an in-house developed control panel, and though it's still lacking in some features, it is constantly under development.
    Roy Lee
    ConceptLane Pte Ltd
    Singapore Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps

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