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    Question HTML enabled web-based email

    I'm looking for a hosting company who provides a web based email program that will allow users to format their text with colors, make it bold, large, etc. - basically all that a person could do in Outlook Express.

    The problem is that I have a client who uses AOL- who does not allow their email servers to be configured with smtp/Outlook Express.

    Anybody have this offering?


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    seeing as you haven't gotten any replies, i'll bump this for you...

    Currently I'm with Dot 5 Hosting (, and they have a web based email...except you can't add colour and make stuff bold and what not....

    You can always add colour and bold to your emails by using HTML code by hand (i.e. <b> <html> <font color=red> etc...)

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    Don't know if this would be any help or not... but there is a product called AnyEmail, by, which is a Browser based e-mail client with a WYSIWYG e-mail editor plus the server-end scripts, etc.

    An online demo is available of the product here:

    Pricing for a license appear to start at about $100 for 20 users... (check the site for more accurate info!)
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