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    Arrow How much for

    How much would you pay for

    Serious replies only please. I'm just curious.

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    If I had a need for it I would pay as much as I felt I should budget on the domain, however not having much of a use for it, I would probably pay as much as $100 just to have it in my list to show off.
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    Not much.. But Nick at Dark Orb might pay a decent price.. But of course, since cPanel is their trademark, they could prolly get the .com without the extrotion(sp) rate
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    The maximum value is one dollar less than the lawyers fees it would cost Nick to get it from you.

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    tis true.

    I have had several issues from folks including paypal via ebay as the new owners and a large crappy clothing store based out of WV.

    It is hardly worth it in the end. I have not faced any real problems other than losing the domain name in the end, I was able to hold them off for 2 years.

    The main reason I held them off was that they threw a $120 offer at me after a mass of threats so I just held them off as long as I could.

    Just my .02 - if you own it, use it as long as possible to redirect extra traffic to your business site. Just know sooner or later, they will get it!

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    ZiCmaN, what domain are you talking about?

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