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    Link / Banner exchanges wanted, many different themes!

    Hello all, I am looking for a link or banner exchanges for my websites. I have many different website themes, so contact me is you'fe interested in a link exchange with any of the following websites. : blog with information about all types if rentals, : Blog with all types of info related to WordPress.

    DOMAINNAMEWHOIS.INFO : Domain whois search

    THEBESTFREEHOST.INFO : Free Web Hosting Directory

    FREERESELLER.INFO : Free reseller hosting accounts.

    MYDAILYJOURNAL.INFO : Free blog hosting


    WEB-PORTAL.INFO : Free link directory

    W-8.US - Free link shrinking

    Let me know if you're interested in a link exchange!

    admin AT

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    With the Wordpress one, do you have a "dont want to do it yourself, we have a special deal with XXX to setup a blog and hosting for you?" if you dont, i wouldnt mind looking at a link exchange with you, with my company taking the extra work (and giving you a percentage finders fee)

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