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    Strange 404 error on VPS.

    Hey guys,

    I'm posting on behalf of a friend. He recently purchased a VPS, has set up everything and is now starting to use it. He has created the directory /insomnia under his main domain However, when you visit it gives a 404 error. Now comes the twist in the tale: there are images inside that folder that are displaying on a different site, so the folder is obviously there, and is avaialable, but is still displaying the 404 error instead of the directory listing.

    Does anyone know of a reason as to why this 404 error is displaying? Is it an error in the setup of the VPS?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    If you are just wanting it to list the files in the contained directory have you turned on indexing of the folder?

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    It seems like directory listing is disabled in apache conf.
    To enable directory listing (indexing) for a given directory, put the following entry
    Options +Indexes
    into a .htaccess file in document root directory (or a subdirectory thereof).

    If the issue persists, check the apache error log.

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    This isn't an error caused by Apache directory listing being disabled. If it was, the error would be "403 - Forbidden".

    A 404 error is "Not found". The directory isn't there. Either your friend created the directory in the wrong place or the Apache virtual hosts configuration has an error.

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    Sleddog is exactly right. This isn't a directory listing issue.

    Check httpd.conf and see where you are pointing your documentroot. The /insomnia folder should be under there, unless it's been named as an alias.
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    It was as bigks said. He hadn't turned on the indexing of the folder lol. He had assured me he had gone through all the settings :/

    Anyway, cheers for the help guys

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