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    Spamcannibal and PTR

    Has anyone here dealt with the Spamcannibal services?

    My server is with Hetzner and according to inder IP lookup, I get this message:

    Click for WhoisIP:  DE
    policy violation, unacceptable generic PTR record
    From what I can see, my EXIM4 and BIND9 settings looks fine.

    What else have I missed to resolve this issue?


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    Spam Cannibal refuses to delist anyone who has a PTR record such as yours -- They consider reverse in the form of:

    To be generic. What they want you to do is edit the reverse record on the IP to match that of your hostname, etc etc.
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    Not just Spam Cannibal: Many mail servers will reject mail sent from SMTP servers that do not have a PTR which resolves to the hostname of the sending mail server. Some may outright reject such mail, while others may use a no-match condition (which would occur with a "generic" PTR record) to raise whatever scoring system / level of distrust and that may put the conversation over the edge and force a rejection.
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    I once added Spam Cannibal to my RBL mix. Within only a day or 2 I started getting complaints for false positives and started noticing them myself immediately. Removed them and all is well.

    I think Spam Cannibal is just very ruthless in what they list and has a VERY high false positive rate. Never had one report of false positives using Spamhaus, SpamCop, and some other popular RBLs....

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