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    Appraisal - 4 domains

    I would like to have the following domains appraised. is a one word .com domain.
    The strange thing is that I can't find this word in all dictionary's online. I have a English to Dutch dictionary at home. The word probic is in there and it means: appointed on trial.
    Probic is also a type of medicine available in certain countries worldwide.
    This one has a high SEO score of 89%. I really think this one has high potential.
    Very nice domain for a gaming forum, specially globally. Use to run a forum with over 10,000 members.
    Four letter domain. Can't really say much about it.

    I'm very curious.

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    587 has an interesting ring to it. $xxx to $xxxx, maybe $xx to $xxx

    The other two in the $xx region, I think.
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