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    Question dotDefender software: DOS protection

    Is anyone using the new dotDefender software that protects against DOS(denial of service) attacks and sql injection etc?: just added it into their servers for $15/month so i'm just wondering if anyone has any reviews about it and will it really stop DOS attacks because other ddos protection services cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per month which is too expensive.

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    Ryan, as mentioned on our forum at - dotDefender is not a ddos protection solution, it may help a bit mitigating very light attacks, but that's it...


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    But dotdefender configuration is difficult, especially against the rule to prevent injection attack. I had to remove one-time use

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    After a quick look over it; ModSecurity and some good rule sets, suhosin, a good php.ini, some htaccess rules and appropriate permissions will probably provide 99% of what dotDefender does and should also give better performance as well as being completely free.

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