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    Help me find a good European VPS-provider


    I'm currently looking for a good european VPS-provider.

    My needs are the following:

    * 256MB RAM minimum
    * 20 GB HDD minimum
    * 2-4 IP's
    * Linux/BSD
    * 50-100GB bw/month. (Don't need much, less might be good too.)
    * SLA (24/7-support, and it has to be realiable and pretty quick)
    * Almost perfect uptime.

    Price isn't really a matter at the moment. I just need to find a really realiable provider in Europe as i need good latency from Norway, almost perfect uptime, and a good SLA where i can get help at any time if something happens.

    All suggestions are appreciated, if you have experience with a good company please do tell some about it.


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    Noone able to help me reccomend a reliable VPS in Europe?

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    There are plenty of VPS providers in the VPS offers section at

    Take a look at RapidXen
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