I have a few things I would like some suggestions on:

1. Is there a way to grab the content highlighted within designmode? What I am wanting to do is allow a person to click an image so it will have the border around it in design mode and then click a button which would add a style for float left|right.
*This would allow me to do a whole lot of other things.

2. Can the images size as its being resized in the designmode be grabbed? Reason is I have the images stored in the db and they can be resized on the fly so they done look stretched.

*Note: I am not using TinyMCE because I have had clients say it has too many issues or they can not understand it so I am trying to write a simpler one. Plus, only add what people request or need.

If someone could answer both of those; that would be great. I am using jquery.rte as my core and have just added modifications.