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    POP/IMAP Fix (DA Custombuild)

    Hello, i currently need someone to fix our customers servers issue.

    We already hired 3 days ago a management company to do this but the issue was partially fixed and no email can be sent to servers. they continue to work on servers but after 72 hour without email...

    Email sent via servers are delivered correctly through.

    First the issue started with Script "PHPList"

    error: IMAP is not included in your PHP installation, cannot continue
    Check out
    PHP-IMAP as been installed then this fixed PHPList issue but all webmail doesn't work anymore.

    ERROR (2): fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to localhost:110 (Connection refused) (/webmail/inc/class.uebimiau_mail.php:80)
    So they fixed issue on UebiMiau but now other webmail (SquirrelMail and RoundCube always have authentication failed password mismatch (Password are correct) also we are not able to receive email anymore, delivery goes well, but we are not able to receive any email)

    If someone know, they are able to fix this please contact me ASAP via PM.

    Management Company welcome, if you know you are able to fix this, since other well know company are not able.
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    We've sent you a PM.

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    Thanks You guys 24x7servermanagement fixed this for us.

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