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    Post the host that supports the asia traffic

    for some strange reason , some webhosting dont allow me to have traffic from asia or africa, but the half of my traffic are from asia,

    so can some one give me a suggestion?

    is good???

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    by the way, i would appreciate if the price is blow $150USD a year...

    i'm a broken student.

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    The only thing you can really do is email the companys support@ email and ask them what traffic they block. I would assume it would not be that hard to find one that allows it. As far as hostrocket I suggest doing a search and you will get a smorgashbord of information on them.

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    Okihost is right, You have to ask the host why they are blocking those IP ranges.

    I know a small ISP that blocks most of africa due to 409 problems and then I know another host that blocks all of china due to e-mail issues. You got to ask them.

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    thanks. i'll go ask them.

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    Originally posted by rk_usct

    i'm a broken student.
    We don't want to hear about your sex life
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    i dont like your host either

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