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    Kerbosys reviews

    Since moved to Seattle area 2 years ago, I searched for a Supermicro-server-built vendor closed to Seattle. I found some, but their pricing seem expensive. Some others are very slow in response, even from other WHT users, they seem good. Recently, contacted Scott Lee at Kerbo System, and I believe I have found a good one.

    As usual, I sent a lot of pre-sales questions. Scott is very nice, to answer all questions with details. He shows a good experience in server hardware building. Then, I decided to order a new dual Nehalem system with them. Transaction went smoothly, and I have server on time. He even took some photos of servers for me, before shipping out, so I can show to customers. He also noted down for me all series numbers of all parts in server, so I can keep track, in case something wrong.

    At first, I am not very impressed with their home page, but please don't let you down. Drop Scott an email with your requirements, or what you are going to do with server, he will reply with his advice, what he's thinking the best in your case. A good service, especially for business likes ours, not in the US.

    So, a short reviews about Scott Lee and Kerbo System. I would highly recommend them to anyone needs Supermicro servers in the West coast.

    Scott, thanks for a good service. We are looking for a long term business relation.

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    Nice review I've ordered 1 system from them in the past and it was a good build too, definitely a good company to deal with.

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