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    HostChum Solutions / S2K Solutions

    It has been quite a while since I have visited WHT, partially to let people have a chance to calm down, but mostly so that I could find a job and earn the money to pay back everything that was screwed. Was I a top person in the company? Yes, and I do not deny that. I am here to try and do what I can to finally put everything at rest.

    If you lost money to HostChum during the sudden shutdown at the beginning of April, please reply here with the PayPal Transaction ID, and I will add you to my records that I already have from PayPal.

    Below is the tentative payment schedule, please note that payment will be via Certified US Mail at my expense and will contain cashier's checks, not personal checks so that you know the check is not bad.

    • 1st Week [ Approx. Send Date = 08 AUG 09 ]
      • MR.LEITZ [ $93.92 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 9YD17765LR768904F
        • PP TRANS ID: 85P33645JB630935C

    • 2nd Week [ Approx. Send Date = 15 AUG 09 ]
      • MR/MRS.SEO [ $48.52 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 28G7902079446844E

      • MR.BORAR [ $34.58 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 0KE90030PU625790X

      • MR.MCFALL [ $29.38 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 28F74755WK3233122

    • 3rd Week [ Approx. Send Date = 22 AUG 09 ]
      • MR.CONLEY [ $20.29 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 4V451514AX112644D

      • MR.BROWN [ $18.99 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 3NR89410XE9476016

      • MR.ROBSON [ $14.31 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 26F049180N832074E

    • 4th Week [ Approx. Send Date = 29 AUG 09 ]
      • MR.CASTRO [ $28.11 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 7V656902PJ136734W
        • PP TRANS ID: 2RA84227RF651560D

      • MR.NEWMAN [ $8.95 ]
        • PP TRANS ID: 0YU70896XC2973142

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    that's a sudden change around
    hope this time its for real, u really screwed up a lot with mike in the past,

    you meant checks, so does that mean u send it to the user's house/given address to you rather than the original payed paypal ? or are you sending check to paypal to refund it ?? my friend has lost amount too, his transaction id is : 0KE90030PU625790X so wanted to a clarification

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    I will be sending directly to the former customers who were burned. Thank you for providing me with the transaction id from you friend so that I can lookup theirs.

    This is serious, and I do have the money. I just want to space it out so that it does not throw off my checking account for other bills which are automatically withdrawn.

    Any client listed above, please send me your mailing address so that I can get the Cashier's Check/or/Money Order mailed to you. As I stated above I will be using USPS Express Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance.

    Also, it would be helpful that any customers who want more information PM me, and please say your name so that I can match my records. I can provide my personal phone number as well.

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