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    Question Blogs - Where is the best place for Adsense?

    I want to start a wordpress blog and with the topics I'll be talking about I'd like to place adsense ads on the blog to maybe get some profit from the clicks.

    My question is where do I put the adsense code? In the template?

    I was thinking on the side bar - Should it be before the categories or after?

    I was also thinking about on the top banner area (under the logo) and on the footer above the copyright. Are these acceptable places? Where is best?

    Any feedback or info you have would be greatly appreciated.


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    Is the blog new?

    If so I'd suggest going with only a single ad location. I just find something "trashy" about new blogs loaded with ads. It's your call though. I'd personally leave it out of the layout and place a block in content.

    This is all opinion. I have no experience with ads and blogs from a developers standpoint.

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    Here is some good info and a plugin to manage adsense in wordpress.
    Have fun

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    above the fold, center of page performs really well

    Large square ads are good

    After article also performs well

    Skyscrapers in the right or left column perform just ok...

    The main thing to consider with Adsense is how to design and integrate the ads into the webpages so they don't look like ads....

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