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    Windows DNS, SimpleDNS & Active Directory

    Hello all,

    I currently have active directory running with a primary and secondary active directory domain controller on 2 different servers. I'm also using microsoft DNS to host the internal IP addresses that AD uses to talk between servers. I also have SimpleDNS running to provide DNS for external IPs. SimpleDNS is running on 2 other servers.

    I'm going to consolidate down from about 5 servers down to 1 server. Don't need the horsepower anymore.

    I don't believe Microsoft DNS and SimpleDNS can coexist on the same server as I assume they use the same ports. What are my options? Should I remove Active Directory altogether, delete the microsoft DNS server and then install SimpleDNS for external DNS?

    All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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    Well you don't need AD if your just running one server. So why not ditch it all except Simple DNS which has very little overhead and will serve all your external DNS requirements perfectly.
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