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    Dedicated server required

    My hosting company has let me down for which i paid for a dedicated server and they have now vanished. The server is online at least for the next 5 days so i want to find something and a company that can copy its data to the new one.

    The server i have at present is:

    Intel Pentium D 820 Dual Core
    Operating System: CentOS 5 - 32-BIT
    Control Panel: cPanel/WHM + Fantastico
    RAM: 1GB DDR [Included]
    Primary Hard Drive: 250GB SATA [Included]
    RAID - (Requires Additional Hard Drives, All of Same Size, To Be Ordered): Software Based - RAID 1
    Bandwidth: 100MBPS Unmetered

    I run shoutcast servers using castcontrol on it for which the license was paid by the hosting company that sold me the dedicated server. As its shoutcast i guess it uses a lot of bandwidth ?

    price is important due to not much profit but so is reliabilty.
    It must be europe or uk server with a good connection.

    Any help please ?

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    Give Gnax in Atlanta a call - very good track record.


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    If your doing streaming with the machine you might want to check out I have a server with them as backup and they specialize in streaming solutions. Might be a good fit for you are looking for.

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    whoops sorry I missed the UK/Europe part.

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    Im America, there's FDC and Choopa for high bandwidth which I recommend. In Europe, check out OVH

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    OVH will be the cheapest you will get in your desired location.

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    have you checked ??
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    are you looking for a managed service or un managed service ?
    that's another factor you must consider. - Managed Hosting Solutions 2004 - 2016

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    I would not recommend FDC Servers, you're just a sitting duck for future disappointments.

    Roughly how much bandwidth do you use a month, and as beastserv asked, do you need a managed solution or unmanaged.
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    unmanaged once setup
    I'm not sure about the bandwidth, i have around 30 customers with shoutcast streams running at present with some have 200 listeners 24/7
    when i check bandwidth in WHM for the main domain it does not look like its using much, but when i look in castcontrol under each server its using 100's of GB's a month.

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    did you have a look at
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    Bandwidth used by shoutcast servers won't be reflected on cPanel/WHM bandwidth usage.
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    So do you think an unmetered 10mbs connection to the server would be enough to run say 30 shoutcast servers or would it need to be 100?

    I was having a look at iweb

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