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    Single Server SSL Cert & host name?

    Hi All, this is probably a dumb question but...I'm buying my first cert..

    If I buy (single server) cert for:
    does the host name on my server also need to be called

    I assume even if my linux box is not literally called, and the above is the case..on linux can I not just create some type of hostname alias (perhaps by editing reoslve.conf to point to (or will I need to actually run a local dns or some such?)

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    If you have order a single server certificate for; this will only work for Not for and NOT for any other sub-domain as e.g.
    Therefore you need called the secure access by or any sub-domain thereafter as e.g.
    Otherwise you need a wildcard SSL.
    Hopes this helps you out.
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    yeah..It was just the verbage they used when saying that the server must be called made me think they actually ment the hostname (which didn't make much sense to me) yeah..I got it all straightned out I think..its tied the url not the actual hostname.(which would not have made any sense).

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