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    Question Domain pending deletion - can I get it soon?

    First, forgive my ignorance. While I own several domains, they were all ones I registered fresh - I've never been interested in a domain that already exists until now. So, I'm not sure how this whole drop/deletion/backordering process works.

    I've had the company name that I've wanted for a while now, and I've checked in on the domain every few months just to see if I could casually grab it (it's always been a parked page). Anyway, I checked it today and it's showing a parked page. The whois info makes it appear that the domain is about to be deleted. Here is the info I'm seeing from the whois:

    Registrar: NAMESDIRECT
    Domain Name: ______________
    Created on: 26-JUL-05
    Expires on: 26-JUL-09
    Last Updated on: 28-JUL-09

    If I understand that correctly, the domain should soon be deleted and it will be free for new registration, correct? If so, do I need to look into backordering? Do I need to get the domain from NamesDirect, or will it be released completely?

    Any information would be appreciated. Again, I'm familiar with the domain process, but in this instance I don't want to make any mistakes with this name. Thanks!
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    The biggest problem you will face is if a drop company will hammer the registry for registration immediately after it drops.
    Many domains drop everyday without anyone attempting to reg them, but if this domain has any kind of inherent value, especially .com, it might get picked up automatically after it drops.

    You could order the domain at, and other places, but maybe then it will go on their lists for domains to pick up when they otherwise wouldn't.
    Taking everything into account, you probably have a 30% chance of picking this domain up after drop, no matter what you do.

    You could also email the owner and ask to buy it, but again that could make him renew it and ask a ridiculous price.

    If I were you i would google the term, if it has more than 100,000 results it's probably a valuable domain to SOMEONE out there.
    If not, you could wait for it to drop and then manually register it.

    Also don't pay for godaddys backordering, its slow and useless.
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    Great advice, thanks coax! The name itself is something I came up with, but after researching there already exists a company by that name (I am using "_____ Networks", they are just "________" and they are in the materials industry, nothing related). There are only about 4,500 Google results for the name without any extension. Thus, I think my only competition would be that the company may also be waiting for it to drop. This is likely because they own most of the other TLD extensions for the name. I'm hoping to pick it up if they're not watching it. That said, I think I decided that it's not worth paying to backorder. I'll just keep checking and hope that I can snag it when it drops. If not, I'll have to come up with another idea for a name.

    Is there any way to determine when it'll be dropped? It's been 10 days since the name expired, but I have no idea how long NamesDirect will keep it as a parked page before deleting it.
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    In that case man, you might want to backorder at sites like
    The reason I said not to backorder at those sites is because the names go into auction and can thus get into really high ranges.
    But for such a name, I have picked up names myself where I was the only bidder.

    PENDINGDELETE :These domains will be made available within the next 6 days.
    REDEMPTIONPERIOD:These domains will be made available within the next 31 days.
    REGISTRAR-HOLD:These domains are anywhere from 37 to 82

    Both options of waiting to manually reg AND backordering then getting at an auction are risky.
    There are certain drop companies that are better than others, for domains registered at specific registrars. Unfortunately I can't find out what drop club is best for namesdirect. Maybe someone else knows.

    The speed of these drop companies is good.. But the problem is it might go into auction or they might even not sell it at all.
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    try backordering at all the major drop catchers:

    That way you'll be sure to get into the auction if anyone else is bidding on the domain.... if not it will be yours

    Good Luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by coax View Post
    In that case man, you might want to

    PENDINGDELETE :These domains will be made available within the next 6 days.
    REDEMPTIONPERIOD:These domains will be made available within the next 31 days.
    REGISTRAR-HOLD:These domains are anywhere from 37 to 82
    Domain Grace Period(often domain will go into registrar hold durring this period, depends on the registrar) Period ranges from 0-45 days after a domain expires if they hold on to it for longer than that the registrar has to pay the registry for the domain. The registrar I work for often uses a 35 grace period.

    Redemption Grace Preiod(AKA Redemption or RGP) is 30 days durring this period the registrant can descide to restore the domain if they wish to but they have to pay a redeption fee to have the domain restored as well as a renewal fee. The domain cannot be released to the public or transfered durring this time period.

    Pending Delete - This period is 5 days. The domain cannot be restored back to the previous registrant at this time and will be becoming available back to the registry.

    Now probably the grace period at the registrar the domain is with is 30 days or so. If that is the case it will become available at about 65 days from the domains expiration. You may also want to check with the registrar the domain is with to see if they are auctioning the domain before it hits RGP. Some registrars will try to auction a domain before it hits the RGP state, I don't think it is right that they are auctioning a domain when it is in someones grace period but it is something I don't have a say in and it is something that happens.
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