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    who can offer 12.129.x.x

    I am looking dedicet server location IP range 12.129.x.x, any one can help me ?

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    It's owned by cerfnet/ATT.. ATT might sell colocation or similar in that range, try emailing them.

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    Yea, but ATT MDS is expensive, the begin plan is 299$/month, lol. want to looking some cheaper companies....

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    why do you think you need to be within that netblock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WireSix View Post
    why do you think you need to be within that netblock?
    Just looking for my customer ...

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    Why does your customer need to be in that block specifically?
    Does he think it's because of latency/location or something?

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    He wants to get close to the WoW servers.

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    Sometimes when you want something a certain way, things start to get expensive. Unfortunatly, ATT owns that whole block. -
    (Unless a lucky host does have a few of those they resell).

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    What does that mean? Why would he want to get close to it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Wired_1 View Post
    He wants to get close to the WoW servers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BarackObama View Post
    What does that mean? Why would he want to get close to it?
    At a guess, I'd say he probably wants to run a private WoW server with similar latency to the official ones.

    That is, of course, if he does actually want to be close to them.

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    Proxies I'm guessing, had a few interested parties asking me the same in regards to VPS servers. Misinformation is making a lot of these people look for servers "close" to the official WoW ones. From what a few told me, they think getting a proxy close to a WoW server would reduce latency for them, coming from Asia or Oceania.
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    Ron D do u have any idea ? or have any VPS ?

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    Yes i have had a few customers asking for specific range ip's. Misinformation is indeed a big factor here making them think that specific block has low latency or in some cases higher performance.
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    I have a 12.x.x.x IP at home in Illinois, my ISP is Mediacom Communications. I think they offer web hosting and server co-location in New York somewhere. I am not 100% sure though, they are mainly a Cable Company.
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