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Thread: Assist in WHMCS

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    Assist in WHMCS

    Good night
    I have a program whmcs
    And I would like in a Coupon for a reduction of the customers and I know much
    Please help me in the way
    Thank You


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    Go to "Setup" -> "Promotions" and you should be all set.

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    Can you explain the exact problem that you are facing?

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    Welcome, my dear,
    What I mean is that the author of hits for a certain period and the occasion of the opening credits to my site
    So that the discount to customers in the period of this limited time offer and only for the change
    I do not know many English language and I would like to help in the preparation of the program and to clarify the following options

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    You would be better off opening a ticket with the folks at WHMCS, or posting your question in their forums. The folks over there are great!


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