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    Exclamation Sentris Review (5-Months)

    Right, I'm not a regular poster here on WHT, but I do look up the Dedicated Server offers section from time to time for good deals.

    About 5 months back I saw Sentris with their specials and I really liked the fact that their servers were good specs for a low price.

    So, I decided to go with them. Initially, my experience with Sentris was great. The first 2-3 months were nothing short of great service, network, support, etc.

    The past 2 months, however, have been a bit different. The server itself is stable and works good. Downtime is next to none, great.

    Network is stable, good. A bit slow for me, but otherwise, worth the $$ that I pay for the server.

    Support is slower compared to others in the industry, but bearable in terms of response time. You'd normally get a reply in about an hour for an emergency ticket. Sometimes sooner, but normal/average response time is an hour.

    That said, what they really lack in, is sales support. It's either really slow, or non-existent.

    I recently opened up a ticket regarding upgrades that I needed for my server. That was 3 days back. Ticket priority was set to high, since I really need those upgrades (HDD and BW) ASAP. However, 3 days after opening the ticket, I've yet to have any response.

    Their 'msn/im' support is either mostly Away, or does not respond. So I'll exclude it as 'support'.

    That said, if you're looking for good hardware at a lower cost than the rest of the industry average, go with Sentris (given you can manage your own server and don't have any issues with support).

    However, if what you're looking for is support, sales, and a good response time as well as quick resolution, then Sentris is the LAST provider you should go with. More like last resort. I moved my own personal server with another provider last month. However, my client, whose server is still with Sentris, does not want to move (he does not want to go through all the hassle all over, specially at this time, when his sites have been established and are taking off at a good pace). However, any further servers will not be from Sentris (which he'll need a few of, very soon).

    That said, I'm really disappointed in their sales support. When you need upgrades to your server ASAP, 3 days is quite some waiting. And no sign of getting a response. Neither am I expecting one anytime soon.

    Hardware: 10/10
    Network: 7/10
    Tech Support: 7/10
    Sales Support: 3/10

    Hope this review helps someone.

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    Thanks for your detailed review.

    Just a suggestion... did you try to contact them more than the once for sales support? Not saying you should have to, but perhaps there was a problem with the ticketing system and they haven't actually received your ticket? I would suggest sending another ticket, but also, calling them on the phone (assuming they have a phone number?)

    Best of luck, and keep us informed as to your progress.
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    I did try to reply to the ticket I created. That was yesterday. Even left their 'IM' support a message with my ticket URL (about 6 hours ago). Nothing so far.

    I'll try another ticket in a couple hours.

    That said, what's interesting is when I canceled my own server with them, I submitted a cancellation request about a week before the end of the billing period. Then another a day before (because the earlier one had no response).

    However, my server was canceled about 15 days after the end of the billing period. I doubt they were giving me 'time', because a month before the cancellation, there was an issue with a payment delay and my server was suspended 2 days after payment was due. So it was just a slow/neglected sales support issue, apparently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifetalk View Post
    Hope this review helps someone.
    Thanks for the detailed and honest review. Actually this feed back is equally helpful for the host to correct their weak points.

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