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    Question Live Updates - Little help please

    OK this is a question for an internal (intranet) application I am working on:

    You will see by my wording that "NOTHING" is set in stone yet. I think I want to create an application, that is formated with a single page that has window blocks that show the logs of a process at various stages. I "think" I would like it to be a single dashboard style app with just about as much info as you can jam into one page. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to have different text boxes refresh on the page ( psuedo live ) without having the whole page refresh (http-equiv content=refresh) or without using java applets.

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    Just refresh the page every 20 seconds or something, save you an incredible amount of time.
    Especially considering how many people do you really think are going to be looking @ the Intranet at any given time?

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