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    Semi Dedicated Special

    We would like to introduce our new semi dedicated server solution.

    Semi dedicated servers, are perfect for those companies which cant afford their own dedicated server, so Totally Hosted offers something which works and acts just like a real dedicated server. A semi dedicated server gives you a set allotment of RAM, processor speed and disk space, just like a real dedicated server giving you extra speed and extra room to grow, the following are the specifications of our semi dedicated server:

    - RedHat Linux 7.3
    - 1GHZ Celeron processor
    - 512 MB RAM
    - 12GB of disk space
    - 150GB of monthly bandwidth (Aleron Bandwidth)
    - Cpanel 5 & WHM
    - 4 initial IP addresses (more available)
    - 24/7 tech support
    - $5.00 setup fee

    Just for $45 per month!

    Special: For this month we are offering this package for only $39.00 per month, to qualify please enter this coupon number when asked on the order form (66608339006431708990) (Offer ends: 11th December 2002)
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    >IP ADDRESSES Block Of 8 = $5 per month
    >ADDITONAL BANDWIDTH $1 per extra 1GB

    what about extra diskspace??

    can i run iptables in this semi dedicated server?

    why until tonight cannot extend one more day??

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    We don't offer additional diskspace on our semi dedicated and you canno't run IPtables.

    The deal is running to 11th December 2002


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