Hi, I'm looking for someone to help setup a somewhat simple Facebook application. It's not complicated like those quiz type apps. Here's basically what I'm looking for:

- I want an app where I can share images like a gallery (images hosted on my server) but through Facebook's pages (so you never leave Facebook)

- Users can comment on the gallery with their Facebook account and it will show up on the side. Not individual image comments like we've seen but just the gallery as a whole.

- Users can share on their wall something like "I viewed this gallery, come here to check it out too"

I would like it easily updateable. I've never made an app myself before, so I'm new to how it works but I've been doing web design for years... If it's just basic html/css and php that would be ideal. I would like to be able to create a new gallery that I could link to (or have it automatically show up) on main app page. Grouping the galleries, either manually or automatically, on the main page would be ideal as well.

Please PM me if you're interested. Your time is important and I'll pay via PayPal. If you are interested, pleaes PM me and if you have previous experience (preferably an active Facebook app) I would love to see it.

We'll work out the payment details in the PM, along with more of the app details. I've had good luck hiring developers through here, so I hope I can find a Facebook app expert to assist me!