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    Arrow how to restore destroyed files

    by mistake i have deleted following files how can i restore them. as it was

    public_html/themes/index.php: destroying......done
    public_html/themes/admin/index.php: destroying......done
    public_html/themes/lib/phpthumb/index.php: destroying......done
    public_html/themes/lib/phpthumb/cache/index.php: destroying......done
    public_html/themes/lib/phpthumb/cache/source/index.php: destroying......done
    public_html/themes/lib/exifer1_4/index.php: destroying......done
    public_html/photogallery/docs/index_fr.htm: destroying......done

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    There is no "undelete" in Linux. If you deleted that stuff, your only option is to restore it from a backup.

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    can you guide me how to restore from backup

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    Quote Originally Posted by nileshparmar1 View Post
    can you guide me how to restore from backup
    Huh, that sounds like you do not have a backup, otherwise I'd imagine you knew where it is, how to get to it and how to get the files you need.
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    we do have daily/weekly/monthly backup but i don't know how restore those files

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    lol not knowing how to restore backups is as useful as not having backups at all

    you need to go into the backups and copy the required files back to your home directory, or if they're compressed you need to extract the archive then copy the required files back

    or ask your host to do this, might be the best option
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    Hi Nilesh,

    Inorder to restore the files, you can do it as follows

    cd to /backup/cpbackup/weekly/user/homedir/public_html and copy the contents of /backup/cpbackup/weekly/user/homedir/public_html/themes to your /home/user/publich_html directory.
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    You can ssh into your server, navigate to /backup/cpbackup/

    Depending on how you have it setup you can go into the daily/username/homedir/public_html subdirectory and retrieve the files from the backup that ran the previous night.

    If the file was deleted/changed before the last daily backup you will have to retrieve it from /backup/cpbackup/weekly/username/homedir
    /public_html which could be up to six days old.

    You can then cp it into your clients /home/username/public_html directory.
    Don't forgot to chmod/chown the file.
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