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    Anyone using Zeus Load Balancers?

    I was thinking of using LVM, but started looking at some other solutions. I would like to use a virtual appliance if possible as I'm almost tapped on power in my colo space.

    Has anyone used the zeus load balancing product? Yeah or Nah?

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    Mucho Dinero. Take a look at lightspeed load balancers.

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    Yeh I have used Zeus before on ESXi servers remember for HA you will always need a cluster of two therefore increasing cost.
    One warning generally their support sucks and they do NOT support vSphere ESX version v4.
    Also looks like they arn't going to for a while.
    Another problem with them is due date for invoice was the 28th, they called up on the 10th 16th 19th and 21st asking for payment! credit crunch anyone?
    But the software is good! never used much else so far.
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    Thanks everyone!

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    I have a client using Zeus, and I would not recommend ZXTM to anyone who doesn't have lots of money to waste. Far more expensive than even a lot of other solutions and the support is pretty crufty.
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    appliedops - I'm sorry to hear that feedback. If you wouldn't mind getting in touch with me off of this list, I'd appreciate learning more about your client's experience and what Zeus could do to remedy/improve the situation.

    Owen ([email protected])

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    Zeus have a SPLA type program for hosters which enables the software to be rented at an attractive monthly fee. With ZXTM-LB on generic server hardware it makes enterprise load balancing affordable. It knocked the socks off a Coyote Point setup which was struggling for one of our larger clients. We've found Zeus to be a good bunch of people to work with.
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    Yes, I 've been using Zeus ZXTM for about 5 years now. Rock solid. Handles major traffic.
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