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    Anyone having problems with PowerVPS?

    Hi all,

    I moved to PowerVPS a couple of years ago. I was very impressed with their plans and service. I'm on a basic Linux Plesk VPS. Several months ago my uptime started to suffer. I thought perhaps it was a good idea to update to the latest Plesk, and I did so. My downtime continued to increase. Most of the time, PowerVPS's techs state, 'You are hitting your VPS resources, you must upgrade to a higher plan.' I thought that was odd because for the first few years, my traffic to my domains was much higher than now, yet uptime was stellar. Yet now my traffic is down and I am hitting resource limits? Sounds odd.

    Anyways, a few months back Plesk became unaccessible and PowerVPS techs worked on it. It was so bad that they had to get Parallels to troubleshoot it. It took several days (with my sites down) and finally it came back up... only to have it go back down a few days later. I was begging them to move me to a new node/server (NOPE, they said I had to stay on an clunky legacy machine.. lol)

    I was told that my VPS is on a legacy server and that I should upgrade to a new VPS server plan. (Which of course is more money.) The legacy servers I am told are being phased out and as customers migrate they are being turned off. Fair enough, but I don't recall receiving any communications on this. (Some searching brings up such a message in their forum. hmpf!)
    PowerVPS' billing dept told me that they are working on a plan that will help offside the upgrade costs for legacy users such as myself. That was about 2 months ago. Still no word.

    To make a long point short... I'm wondering if other PowerVPS users are experiencing a decrease in customer service and uptime? It seems some of their techs are good and some, not so much. Perhaps they grew too large and that has decreased their service levels? Their community forum seems to be MUCH slower these days compared to years gone by.

    Or is it all related to Plesk 9.2.1? I have my suspicion that it is a combination of Plesk, the server I am on, and mis-configurations. For example, my VPS was just down. Tech said that it was inaccessible due to firewall. He had to flush firewall rules. I get this nagging feeling that some techs do this and then another tech comes along and 'fixes' something... sometimes really fixing it, and sometimes making it worse. DO these rules need to be flush so often? Another tech said, 'you have too many connections to XYZ IPs. I better add some rules to your firewall.'

    Well, I have recommended countless people to try PowerVPS during the last couple of years. Searches here and elsewhere seem to show they are doing OK. Am I just unlucky?


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    Seems like it is a communications problem and maybe you're also on a very old VPS Node. Powervps has been around for a long time and I believe a solid company from reviews i've seen. Try talking to their managers maybe until all the issues are resolved and you hear what is going on

    Good luck!
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    I would send a polite email to support demanding that it be escalated and requesting a "technology refresh" for your VPS. There's got to be a manager that values not only a long time customer but also one that is a source of referrals. If they still insist on keeping you on that node, maybe it's time to explore other options.

    Keep us posted.

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    This to me is a good example of how even good hosts sometimes handle legacy user upgrades badly. Reminds me of the cell phone companies that spend all their time and effort on new customers and tend to ignore long term customers. This really ignores the fact that acquiring new customers is expensive, keeping customers is relatively cheap. You've been a customer for 2+ years (?) and when they get new servers/plans instead of ugprading you at your current price point they let you lag on old hardware then only offer you a move to a higher price plan.

    Here is my suggestion, if you are happy with that attitude towards customers then by all means continue where you are at. Otherwise why not look at other high quality providers that have an established track record of taking care of their customers in situations like this (proactively upgrading customers to the latest hardware and plans without price increases).

    I would highly recommend ServInt (one of the best track records in steady upgrades for no extra costs), WiredTree (who just had a very nice upgrade where all their customers actually got an even better deal then new ones) and Knownhost (who has always been willing to give an old customer current promotion pricing). I'm sure there are others out there but these are the ones I know. I think you'll be surprised at how well they handle your "upgrades" in the future.
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    Thanks for input. I have politely asked to be moved and also to have the situation looked into deeper with their techs on numerous occasions. Basically, the result is that they fixed whatever ails the VPS at the moment and carry on. I suppose an example is that I have a car and keep having trouble breaking down. They keep replacing parts in the engine, but what what they really need to do is replace the engine.

    Nnyan, I can't agree more about customer service comments. I lived in Japan for 16 years and the customer service level is so high, so I feel disappointed with most western (US) companies. They are mostly all talk when it comes to customer service.

    Interesting you would mention ServInt as when I did my initial research for VPS ages ago, PowerVPS and ServInt came out on top -- I selected PowerVPS. As I said, I've recommended them so many times. I would re-look at ServInt but they seem to be a tad out of my budget.

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    I had the same prob

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