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Thread: VPS vs Reseller

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    VPS vs Reseller


    I use to have a reseller account, although I don't resell any accounts, but rather use them to host my own various sites. I switched to VPS some time ago as it sounded like the best alternative to having dedicated server. Actually, I had that too but it was a bit overkill.

    Recently, I've toyed with the idea of going back to a reseller account.

    Suppose I compare a reseller account at $37.95 to a VPS at $49.95. The VPS has 384MB RAM. Outside of root access, am I gaining performance considering the RAM is only 384MB?

    I realize that a reseller account could be on a shared hosting server having 100s of domain and VPS servers usually have a couple of nodes on each server... though I suppose some nodes could have 100s of sites too. lol.

    My sites run Wordpress and vBulletin. My traffic is super heavy, but higher than your regular blog.

    I'm really wondering if anyone has gone from VPS back to reseller or could comment.


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    VPS hosting is more advanced solution. You have root access and full accees to system resources and configuration. It's logical choice before moving to dedicated hosting. IMHO in your case VPS is more better choice.

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    If with a reseller your site regularly uses lots of resources (disk space and/or bandwidth) you could face suspension, so always read the TOS carefully about things like resource use to make sure it meets your needs before signing up. If you do regularly have a lot of traffic and you expect your sites to grow, it makes sense to stick with the VPS.

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    If you want a hands-off solution and your resource requirements are small to intermediate, and your customers do not access the back end, there are some multi-domain shared accounts that will fit the bill. Just be carefull of those plans that fool you with promises of unlimited domains, unlimited email, unlimited databases, etc but only a few limited GB of diskspace and bandwidth.

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    A VPS account reserves and guarantees certain resources on the server - this gives you the confidence that your sites (provided you manage them and monitor usage) will always be granted the resources you have been allocated, rather than sharing resources with unknown users who may grab shared resources from time to time on your reseller account.

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    VPS is way better BUT requires way much more knowledge to operate it.

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    This is not a scientific opinion but it really depends. For example with a VPS you get more dedicated resources that are all yours (well at least they are supposed to be but for this example we're comparing two very good hosts ok? = ) but you are limited by that. With a reseller it's more of a shared environment (I've found that typically there are more reseller accounts per server then VPS accounts).

    Back when I was on reseller accounts I found overall reseller performance to be better then a plain shared account but not as good as a VPS. But that's with two quality hosts, Ive also seen reseller accounts blow away VPS acounts in performance.

    FYI: I don't know what the rest of your specs are but those prices seem very high (especially for a 384 VPS) you can do much better.

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    You have root access and
    Actually, I don't SSH in so I think that it isn't as useful as I would have thought. I think if you have no control panel, then ROOT is a must.

    full accees to system resources and configuration
    Actually, I was speaking to the president of a very large hosting company (they carry everything from shared, vps to dedicated). His view is that VPS is still an immature technology. An example is that while ram may be divided, you still have one HD which all the nodes are utilizing.

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    the problem with VPS is while you have guaranteed resources you have to run all your processes on your own virtual box.... remember you have your own OS, Apache, MySQL, Bind, FTP services all running and sharing the so called guaranteed resources.

    Bottom line is unless you will have external DNS server stay away from below 512MB RAM VPS... nowadays you can already get descent 768MB RAM at $49/mo complete with CPnel+WHM....see the offers section and grab a deal

    Lastly there's nothing like having a fully controlled server, VPS is much better than reseller IMO.

    checkout Innohost, servInt and Wiretree they are great VPS providers with excellent support, you cannot go wrong with any of them. I, personally using WT and very happy.
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    I think as compare to reseller the VPS is always the best option because it uses its own disk space, RAM, CPU, IP addresses and its can be rebooted independently.
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