JSHosts has brought back their low cost VPS's that start from only 4.99 per month. We also offer excellent discounts for those that wish to pay quarterly, semi-annually and annually.

Here's a breakdown of our discounts:

3 Months: 5% Discount
6 Months: 10% Discount
12 Months: 15% Discount

Our VPS Hosting Plans
If you're looking at our plans, then you're probably aware that a VPS is the low cost alternative to a full dedicated server. With a VPS you can install your own applications and you're guaranteed a set amount of resources which can be easily upgraded at any time.

More Information: http://jshosts.com/vps.html

+ 128MB RAM (256MB Burstable)
+ 10GB Disk Space
+ 150GB Bandwidth
+ 1 Dedicated IP
+ 4.99/Month!
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+ 256MB RAM (512MB Burstable)
+ 20GB Disk Space
+ 300GB Bandwidth
+ 1 Dedicated IP
+ 9.99/Month!
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+ 512MB RAM (1024MB Burstable)
+ 30GB Disk Space
+ 600GB Bandwidth
+ 2 Dedicated IPs
+ 19.99/Month!
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+ 768MB RAM (1536MB Burstable)
+ 40GB Disk Space
+ 1000GB Bandwidth
+ 2 Dedicated IPs
+ 24.99/Month
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1024MB VPS
+ 1024MB RAM (2048MB Burstable)
+ 50GB Disk Space
+ 2000GB Bandwidth
+ 2 Dedicated IPs
+ 39.99/Month!
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