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    What server stress-test software do you use?

    Hi everyone,

    our technical team looking for good stress-test software for Linux Web Servers to use it before we start to set up account to this server.

    What software do you use when you buy a server to test it's FS performance, memory, software integrity etc.

    Please post your experience with test results/examples.

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    Most people use the "Byte Unix Benchmark" system to do this - there's actually a thread over here where people compare their results on a linux vps - there's one for dedicated servers too but i can't find it right now.
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    Byte is very common, here are some others for your knowledge:
    LMBench: Suite of simple, portable benchmarks, useful for comparing performance of different UNIX systems
    Ubench: A simple cpu and memory benchmark for various flavors of Unix
    Phoronix Test Suite: open-source benchmarking suite for Linux, OpenSolaris, and FreeBSD

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    To bench your web server, you can simply use "ab" (apache bench) that is available with the httpd package in CentOS, and apache2-utils in Debian. It works quite well...

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    Not used to benchmark a system per say but more to stress hardware for hardware issues Cerberus:
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    Try mprime torture test.

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