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    Im going to open a web hosting site. I hope

    I am going to open a site with what I consider a good deal shared hosting package.
    Below is what the price shall be. If this is a bad deal or a great deal please leave feedback. Cheers ..

    (( Fresh 100 : Package )) $30/year << special introductory price (normal : $40/year)
    100 mb : Space
    3 GB : Bandwidth
    CPanel 5.xx
    IMAP Mail Server
    Outlook Compatible
    CPanel E-Mail Manager
    Exim E-Mail Virus Scanner
    24/7 FTP Access
    SSH Access On Request
    CPanel File Manager
    FrontPage 2002 Extensions
    PHP + PhpMyAdmin
    CGI, Perl, and ImageMagick
    HTML + SSI
    SSL Support
    Custom Error Pages
    Password Protected Folders
    3 Statistic Programs Online
    Raw Log Access

    So what do you think ?


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    For the $$$ it is fine, however what exactly do you mean by a webhosting site? Are you simply speaking of a website for your own use or as a reseller offering webhosting?

    If for your own purposes, then it is along the "giveaway" pricing that's out there right now.

    How long has this company been in business? You may want to do a search on the forum by their name and see if there is any negative feedback on there about them. You may also want to check the whois to see how long they have been up (this doesn't indicate how long they have been in business exactly, but will at least show some particulars as well as how long the domain has been registered).

    Good Luck!

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    Think about the following:

    1) Server charges
    2) Time spent looking after clients
    3) Tax and the rest
    4) Cash flow
    5) Already TONS of webhosting companys

    Is it really worth it?

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    Reseller to start of with I think. But who knows for the future

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