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    Dallas Cowboys Stadium Charging $90 for Pizza

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    If your rich enough to afford a $0.9M/year suite, I don't see the problem.

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    It's getting rather rediculous lately. When we head down to a Leafs game in Toronto, a large beer will run you $11-14 dollars. You're easily looking at $100+ wasted on food, drinks, etc if you plan on having a good time. That doesn't include the $350+ Platinum ticket cost.

    Then you have Yankee stadium which has $2500 per seat, per game tickets. Why? Cause LARGE businesses don't care about the cost. The stadium will fill those seats regardless of cost.

    As for the $90 pizza, that's insanity. But again, people will pay it :|

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    And here I was thinking of moving to the North Dallas area..
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    ROFL, Well what could I say too this, Always knew those Americans were so damn expensive - Aww sighs a Dominos.

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    $90 for pizza is crazy.
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