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    is 28'c ok for colo ?


    im looking for a new DC,

    it's temperature is about 28'c,

    will it be too high for colo?


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    28 is a little high. 22 is about right for a Datacenter
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    Different opinions for data center temperature

    It really depends on air-flow, which seems to be the more important factor here.

    There's some really good articles that you can read online about data center temperature - just type in 'temperature for datacenter' in a serch engine, and there are many articles discussing datacenters running equipment fine at temperatures between 80-85F (>28C).

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    Also have a go at reading this when you have the time:
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    also whether you are talking about ambient temperature in an open-flow air conditioned room (where the same air circulation is present at intake + exhausts) - or a hot-aisle/cold-aisle setup, where the ambient is somewhere in between the cold aisle & hot aisle or about 75% of the way towards the hot (if cold is shielded).

    In setup one - a 28 ambient means the air going in to your cabinet is about 25 or 26, and the exhaust is possibly 35. in a hot/cold aisle setup, the intakes would likely be 20, with the exhausts about 32. In bot h scenarios you would probably want to keep your power density pretty low - talking < 2.5kVA per cabinet to be safe (dependant on your server tolerances of course) - really depends on the design of the colo
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    You don't really want higher than 24'c
    Sounds high to me, although equipment will probably run fine.
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    Depends on the layout of the data centre - If it's 28 degrees in a hot aisle with separation between it and the cold aisle then it should be fine (Do you know the temperature across the front of the rack or the server in-let temperatures?)

    Also it might be worth bearing in mind that under the Ashrae guidelines for data centres that 28 degree is just outside of the recommended limits by 1 degree but still well within the allowable ranges (There are a few facilities, mainly in the States as far as I know, that are trailing no air-con and using ambient air to pull through servers).
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