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    Looking to hire a sys admin consultant

    I'm looking for a consultant to create a high-availability setup for a startup webhosting company.

    Here's some very basic information about the current setup:
    1) 3 PowerEdge 2950 Servers with similar specs
    2) A Netgear Switch that supports VLANs
    3) Only one server is live that is currently hosting a few e-commerce websites. The other two servers are inactive and are just sitting on the rack.
    4) All servers have CentOS installed.
    5) The sites are database(mysql) intensive). PHP based.

    Here's what I'm looking to achieve:
    1) A redundant setup (preferably using the equipment I have now) so that if one server goes down, a different server takes over. In other words, I would like the websites to always be up (unless all 3 servers unlikely go down).
    2) Minimal downtime during the setup process.

    If you are interested in taking on this task, please PM me. Please only PM me if you are an expert at doing this and have good experience doing this. I already tried hiring someone and they have caused a lot of downtime and headache.

    The servers are in Chicago, so if you're a local that would be nice but I am sure this can be done remotely with root SSH access.

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    I've done this before but to tell you the truth you are going overboard to do this setup on a shared hosting. It is not necessary and is only a waste of money.

    Just do a simple setup, one server at a time using a good backup system such as R1Soft combined with CORAID which is good enough.
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    He's right. If you are just doing run of the mill hosting, you shouldn't have any major outages.

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    If it is database intensive, you can dedicate the database on the second box, replicate it on the third for backup and manual failover, replicate the code from first server to third server for manual failover as well. Should do just fine. In case you go humongous get a dedicated LB.

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    Look at OpenQRM cloud computing platform. It is open source and has a few modules for running HA based servers.

    It would basically duplicate a VPS quickly onto another node and reactivate it. Switching time is from 60 seconds to 60 minutes depending on the size, network speed and hard drive read/write. Works nicely

    You could easily put all the 3 servers you have now to good use

    All the best!

    PS: if your looking for a commericial software, try AppLogic from 3tera. Heard good things about them. 3tera and OpenQRM utilize Xen.

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    Moved to employment offers, since you're looking to hire.
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    You can easily mirror machines for high availability with DRBD on linux or with ggated on freebsd. Plenty of free load balancing solutions will be able to detect whether one node has gone down, and remove it from the pool; drbd will actually self-promote the remaining secondary node to primary if the primary fails.

    I'm not going to say that this is a good idea for budget hosting, but if you charge your customers a premium you might be able to make a good business case for doing something like this, even in a shared environment.

    Let me know if you're still interested by PM.
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