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    * WoL ?

    Heya guys

    I recently enabled Wake On Lan on my home server, wich is kinda odd. Not meaning the WoL is odd but the server. Sometimes it makes odd sounds & becomes v hot.

    My question was if it was a good idea to keep WoL enabled. Does it takes Power or something? I'm a noob and that stuff, so thats why i ask for sure.

    Don't want my house to burn cus of a odd pc thats worth a few bucks cus of the WoL Might sound stupid, once you see it, you agree

    So is ok to have it enabled? Any chance it can 'burn'?



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    I don't think there is much of a difference between a NIC that has WoL enabled and one that does not. WoL is a method of turning "ON" your PC via the network card so your PC is still "off".

    I don't know why turning on WoL would cause your PC to run hot. I have WoL enabled on all the PC's at my house so that I can turn them on remotely and log in and have never had any issues.

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