Yes thatís right!

Whatís more, for the first 2 weeks we are offering all current/future webhosting customers 50% off for signing up to a years subscription! Each account is instantly setup within seconds of payment being received so thereís no hanging around for us.

Not only do we provide top class products, we offer a 10am-5pm BST mon-fri free phone number (0800 644 6704) for sales and support and 24/7 email support.
All accounts and services are on a 99.99% uptime SLA agreement, which means we pay out if your service is down. (Something not really seen for web hosting!)

Here is a bit of information about our network. We are located in 9 Datacentres throughout the world with a combined connection of over 8gbit throughput. Our High End, High Availability, cloud infrastructure is backed up 24/7 to various locations around the world and are no more than an hour away of restoring our entire network operations (including customer VPS) should the worst happen. Your website alone will be backed up twice daily. Best of all there is no overselling. PERIOD!

I would also like to mention the system we have developed on our cloud that will rebuild your site (including customer accounts as well if you are a reseller) from a backup or migrate within 60seconds on to a new server should the worst happen using our custom built AI Auto Procession Software which pings each web hosting server every 15 seconds. If it fails to connect after the 3rd time (45 seconds) and the AI system/cloud hasn't been told about any planned maintenance on that server, it will automatically move the account (including your customer accounts) from that server to another or rebuild from a -12 hour backup if need be incase of complete server crash.

We have had a few customers ask us how can we call it cloud? Well simple. Our entire cloud of servers consists of more than 100 shared processors ranging from 2.2Ghz to 3.2Ghz so we will allocated each webhosting node 4 processors with 3-8gb ram. We then only have a small number off accounts on each web hosting node to allow for heavy demand sites. Also with our High Availability feature we can almost say its very cloud like.

So, now the plans. Here is just a taster of what you can get from us.

Website Starter Plan
50megs storage
500megs bandwidth
Easy to use Web Site Builder
1 addon domain
1 MySQL Database
5 Email Accounts

Normally £5/year
After discount £2.50!!

500megs storage
5GBís bandwidth
Easy to use Web Site Builder
5addon domain
5 MySQL Database
50 Email Accounts

Normally £19.10/year
After discount £ 9.55!!

Business Pro
10GB storage
150GBís bandwidth
Easy to use Web Site Builder
50addon domain
50 MySQL Database
unlimited Email Accounts

Normally £95.90/year
After discount £ 47.95!!

As you can see we must be mad.

Whats more ontop of this discount. If your not happy after 15 days we will give you a FULL REFUND!
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To sign up, simply press the order button on the webhosting plan and follow the instructions. Then enter the validation code when required at the cart.
Validation Code: WHT50HOSTINGSTART
Got any questions? Feel free to phone us free on 0800 644 6704! Or email us at [email protected]

Hurry! This promotion will end 31st August 2009

We also would like to point out this could will work with our managed webhosting packages as well!

Many Many Thanks,
Nathaniel McInnes - Managing Director - Cymraeg Wales Hosting Ltd