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    offer IP (v4) and AS

    Our company is large LIR (RIPE NCC member) and have relatively large address space in IPv4.

    To be independent of the provider with your IP addresses? To have their own IP range of several hundreds or thousands of IP rather than what you assigned to your provider? To change the provider to maintain the IP? To back up the possibility of your connectivity?

    We offer IP (v4) of our PA ranges or mediation obtain PI scale, we also ensure that AS (autonomous system).
    Prices depend mainly on the agreement, for ideas:
    - / 20 (4096 IP) PA + AS - only $900 per year!
    - / 24 (256 IP), PI + AS - only $400 onetime

    We provide ranges of up to PA / 16 (65536 IP), up to PI / 20 (4096 IP).

    Can also provide other services such as BGP routing, configuration, ...

    We accept payment by PayPal or our bank account. PA IP ranges we can provide within a few hours!!!

    For more information, PM / mail.

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    May you please give your e-maill address?

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    I have PMed you.

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    Looks interesting, I've sent you a PM about this

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    I'm rather curious. Could you email me? phaarstick (at) paulnet (dot) net

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    I'm interested. Please email me: pbnet777 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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    how does it work? how would you add these new IPs to your current host for instance.

    do you offer free trial? I want to try it out before making a more permanent commitment.

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    Been a while since I tried to contact you... I'd be greatly appreciated if you could ping me back
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