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    Customer Base

    I am currrently having troublele creating a customer base for some reason. I was hoping someone could tell me how I can gain more business based on there own experiences or looking at what i have so far. Here the hosting site HERE

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    what are you doing to get your name out there?

    also sometimes people may feel a company is shaddy when using a subdomain.. you might try something simple like (elementrice hosting .. and .com is taken)

    good luck
    - brian

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    Don't overlook your local angle. Get the word out locally about your business. I also agree with brian-WHT about the subdomain thing. You really should be on a domain..if for nothing else, because it's easier to remember.

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    I agree with the above posts. Just post around in forums, advertise in places like Also get the word around locally. Treat the customers you already have very well! They do bring referalls in if you keep them happy.

    On another note on design... I found the main table hard to follow.

    Also I noticed your new support desk was new yesterday and down today... maybe move the status page to a seperate link so that the problems arent right there on the main page.

    Hope these suggestions help! Good luck!
    -- Matthew

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    You could organize your 'mega one plan' table in a top down fashion as found on most hosting sites rather than the existing 'sideways' layout which is harder to read.
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    I think the local market is the best way to go.

    Place an ad in the sunday paper for a part time 1099'd sales person. Give them a good commission and have them hit door to door. dont hit the big biz, but the small ma & pop operations. If your plan is sell hosting and web design as a package, you can close many deals.

    My part time sales lady, sold 22 accounts last month. 20 with web design.

    Wanna know why? No one else is marketing to the ma & pop operations.

    Plus there is much more profit on the local side.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I agree with the direct marketing technique...If you are local and can tell someone we are down the street or around the block get the warm body in front of them... you also may want to use telemarketing to schedule appointments for salespeople... It can be extreamily effective.
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    Make use of your sig here, post on web master boards etc. BUT DONT SPAM!
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    your site is good, but the table is kinda confusing, i'd redo it to make it more astetically pleasing
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    advertise. run ads in your local paper, local websites, national websites, magazines, etc.
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    You need to also develop a test marketing budget and start advertising your site ... it's gonna cost some money to bring in the traffic.
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    Try and get some good partnerships going with web designers. Can be local designers, or anyone around interested in cheap hosting for there clients.

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