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    So what should I do

    First of all thank you all for the great forum. Ive been searching information about different hosting plans etc for several days and it is extremely annoying that it is near to impossible to find reliable and real information. Almost all the reviews Ive found are filled with affiliate links and advertising, so it somewhat hard to take them seriously.

    OK second of all I dont understand anything about hosting, or really about any of the technical stuff. All I do is write good stuff for our visitors and get more visitors to our sites, so no super advanced techinal talk in this thread, thanks!

    I have in the past used but massive amounts of downtime and other problems have made it impossible for me to continue working with them. Based on my searches it seems like the best option for me is a dedicated server. I run around 45 websites and some of them have lot of frequent visitors so any downtime is bad.

    So what I want is super reliable server which can handle 500,000 visitors per month, good customer service, and easy-to-use system. And I should get all this for under $200 per month. Is this doable?

    Based on what I have read from this forum it seems like at least LimeStone Networks and The Planet would be good candidates?

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    Sure you can run this on about any dedicated server; i do however doubt you will need a dedicated server, the post does not reveal much more as that you need to handle about 500.000 visitors a month but that amount does not always warrant a dedicated server.

    There are also options in the VPS or Semi-Dedicated segment which may help you for a lesser budget.

    But if you set your budget on $200; it should be possible to get a dedicated server for that; if you look for a but lower specs you may even find a Fully Managed server; which looking at your post, is something you would need.

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    I would definately choose a managed dedicated server and i think you should be perfectly fine with one for about $150/month, however it may still be confusing for you.

    A good option could be to just get a cpanel reseller package, which is not oversold, this should be fairly easy to set up and maintain for you as a beginner, you could just add another account for each website and then point the dns to it and upload the files. Let the host take care of any server issues and technical stuff. Although Dedicated would be cool to have it will save you tons of money to find a suitable reseller plan - Web, Tech, Startups and More! - Design, Development, SEO, Analytics and more!

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