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    Newista to Somelogic to ****** ...Now Gone! No Help :(

    ***based on my memory***
    I had initially used newista .com for hosting account for a sparingly updated site but with moderate traffic. This was around 2006. I correctly paid my annual hosting fees to them.

    Then later on i got an email that they moved on to somelogic asking me to update name servers which i did. and i continued paying

    ***based on my memory***

    Then late last year (October 2008) my site went down. I then managed to somehow contact support of somelogic, which seems to have taken over somelogic and learn't i had to pay them then annual $50. Did the payments and got the site up and running again.

    The mail was sent From: SomeLogic Support [mailto: support @ ****** .com]

    The site is currently using the name servers


    The domain SITE-ORDER5.COM belongs to ****** .com

    Today I noticed that the site is down. Based on the last received email which was from support@ ******.com , contacted ****** support to check what's wrong. They deny that this site in question is not hosted by them, claim the name servers don't belong to them and also say that support@ ****** .com does not belong to them either and their email address is only support@

    I know I have been negligent in tracking my hosting account. But any help on this situation will be appreciated. Whom should i contact for help

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    Wherever it is censored its actually g l o b a t

    i got mail from support @ g l o b a t . c o m

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    well, considering the fact that Glo-bat is banned from Webhostingtalk... it should say enough
    hi there!

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    G lobat have tons of bad reviews everywhere, I don't even know how that company still survives! I suggest you to save yourself of the headache of deal with a company like that and move to another host, it doesn't worth it to waste your time.
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    I don't even know how that company still survives!
    From what I've seen, after a certain size threshold hosting companies become immortal, or at least they seem to be so.

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    G lobat have tons of bad reviews everywhere, I don't even know how that company still survives! I suggest you to save yourself of the headache of deal with a company like that and move to another host, it doesn't worth it to waste your time.
    Very suprising isn't it?
    I suppose many people have not seen their reviews or get recommended by others saying how 'Wonderful' they are *added a referral link* and people just take it from that

    But seriously as others have said, Being Banned from WHT should tell so much about G lobat.

    *Sigh*, Do people know how to use the Search Button?

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    I have transferred sites out of G l o b a t and I can tell you that they are a pain to work with. They just deleted support tickets that were placed instead of responding to them and most of the "features" of their control panel simply didn't work or didn't work as they should.

    My advice would be to get a backup of your account if you can and move elsewhere. Based on my experiences with their control panel I can tell you that this is likely going to be a difficult/involved process and if they are not willing to support you - you may not be able to get your data out.

    I do wish you the best of luck, my experiences with them were... horrible.

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    Did you have a backup of your web site? Find a new provider and move on if your host has disappeared on you. doesn't load, found it through google.

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