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    * Newbie Question

    Sorry if its in wrong section. I plan to open a site , dont have any html knowledge , so id pay to a guy to build the site for me.
    What host provider to choose and how to start? What would you suggest for a beginner like me ? Should i choose the cheapest hosting ? Which company? Id use the site to expand my knowledge in SEO ,learn to use GoogleAdsense and etc.

    Again i apologize for that newbie question.

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    Ok, Personally I would start your site off small. Go for a small package, Not always the cheapest. Remember what they say (Cheaper is not always better), You also get what you pay for in the Hosting Business.

    Can I ask, You did say for SEO purpose - Does this require a Dedicated IP on your behalf?

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    As your new why not look for a provider who supplies a site builder? that way your start up costs are lower, if what you learn brings you success then you can pay out for a professional design.

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    You can go for a web-host who has Softculous or Fantastico in their CPanel.
    There you will find lots of forum softwares and they'll be easy to install.
    These include blogs, forums, ecommerce, galleries, etc..

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    You can choose a web designer and they will handle of web hosting (they will choose a service provider) or to get web hosting account first. You if decide to choose hosting service on your own, I suggest you to spend 30 minutes in WHT Wiki section reading.
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    Well if you want a guy to build the website for you then you should be looking for a web developer instead. They should be able to recommend a hosting provider for you instead of looking for one yourself.
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    Should i choose the cheapest hosting ?
    I think you'll quite likely be fine with an under $10 shared hosting account, from a reputable company (use to extablish that). Going blindly for the cheapest package is likely to cause you unneeded trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNewBoy View Post

    Again i apologize for that newbie question.
    There is no need to apologize actually. One of the main purpose of this community is to help others. Even if it is a simple newbie question or some serious discussions. I also will advice you to go for a decent budget according to the resources rather than going for a very cheap solution. You may not need too many resources also. So select the package intelligently. WHT research will help you to find your best provider. Best of luck.

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