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Thread: moving servers

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    moving servers

    hey y'all, i've moved servers (joomla site).
    only problem is that I'm on limited bandwidth internet, and i still have some really large files on the old server. can i transfer them to the new server without re-uploading them?

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    You can ask your hosting provider to transfer the files for you ? There are plenty of hosting providers helping you out with moving your site for you; or can assist in moving these larger files. It is often much faster to transfer from server to server as well.

    If not you can probably write a small shell script ftp-ing into your old account and move the needed files for you; although you will need some more knowledge of linux to do so

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    how about a simple php script? my programming knowledge is very limited, any online tutorials for file handling scripts?

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    after looking at some tutorials, i came up with this simple script.

    usage: run transfer.html, enter source file location and destination file name. files will be uploaded to the same directory as copy2.php.

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